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I am pro-life, which means I am pro man, woman, child, and little green men from the moon, and am proud of it.  I have always stood against the death penalty, assisted suicide, murder, bullying, torture, slavery, abortion, euthanasia, and all the other pretty stereotypical things associated with the termination and degradation of life.

Yes, as a pro-life woman, I do not support the deliberate termination of a child in the womb.

But it is not always about being “against” something.  It is called “pro-life” for a reason.  Pro is a positive term meant to show encouragement and support.  Being pro-sport does not mean you are anti-non-sports.  It means that you support sports.  Being pro-life does not have to mean you are against death (and no one can be anti-death, because it comes to all of us in the end, and that should not scare us). 

Being pro-life it means you support the miracle of humanity’s existence from the womb to the tomb, each one unique down to their DNA.  And when man-made means are used to terminate that miracle prematurely, it is like someone coming in and sending a baseball bat through your favorite TV during your favorite movie.  You can no longer watch that movie on that particular TV ever again.  It can never be replaced.  Human beings, once terminated, are never coming back (results may vary based on religious beliefs).

Side note: The point of being pregnant is to create a mini-version of yourself, a mini-version who depends upon you (the woman) unconditionally and knows you inside out for nine months of your life.  That is a pretty big deal.  A woman’s ability to grow a child, birth a child, and feed a child with nothing more than her body is an astounding skillset – and one you do not have to go to an expensive school to obtain.  Step aside Chuck Norris.

Also, see this video to truly understand the badassery of women.  It is awesome and funny and very telling.

2014 march

So pro-lifers just keep marching on.  Keep it positive; keep it pro.  And pro-abortionists, sorry if we step on your toes.  Well, sorta sorry.  Others might be sorry.  I think it is funny how you hop around holding your feet in pain.


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-Don’t do stupid things.  Like setting things on fire.  Unless it’s scented candles.  Those are meant to be burned.  It’s like a fragrant flame.



Let me make a side note here, because this is very important.  I hate no one, nor do I condemn those who believe truly in the freedom of Choice and abortion.  They have their reasons which I, not being them, cannot fully understand – nor will ever be able to fully understand.  But, as one human being to another, living in a world full of agony and wonder, I love people.  I am astounded by you (whoever you are) and I know that, as a human being, you are meant for great things. 

That is why I am pro-life: because I believe in you, no matter what.


This popped up in my Flip Board the other day and I made a mental note to post about it.  And then promptly forgot.  But, I just gotta say that they do not make TV shows like they used to anymore.

As a kid, I never realized how many “famous” people made guest appearances on this show.  But, as a kid, had I realized it I probably wouldn’t have cared a jot.  Just catch the Joker, Batman!  And please just kiss Catwoman already?!

Or if the embedding doesn’t work: See it here

Um…so *these* are awesome.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these videos.  Microsoft and all their connections/affiliates/corporations/associates/and Facebook Friends are responsible for these videos.  I am merely spreading the fun around for those who might not otherwise get to enjoy these.

Now what are you all doing with your lives that’s worth salt?


Declaration of Independence–Word


Apollo 11–Excel


First Flight–PowerPoint


Light bulb–OneNote

I want to do a project for the summer.  I know it’s not 365 days, but we can work something out.


We have a few options that I’m willing to consider, although I’m open to appropriate suggestions (nothing obscene, peeps, kids might be watching this!)

1. a new piece of home-made jewelry everyday.  This would include instructions and material list attached.

2. a new picture of (insert something) everyday. (ie. nature, peoples, whatever)

3. a new quote from someone everyday.  doesn’t have to be a famous person, but that would be up to the readers.

4. a movie clip.  Youtube, natch.

5. a hide-and-seek game.  (I would take 2 pictures of the same area, but something would be slightly different in one of the pictures.  it would be up to you to find out what).

6. absolutely nothing.  leave the website blank for 3 months, which wouldn’t be hard for me considering how bangup I’ve been about using it this spring semester.


K, for whomever might come across this website, please toss a vote in for any of the 6 options, or comment suggest an idea of your own.


have a good one.

I loooove Barats and Bereta.


Check out their other videos if, you know, you’ve been on some sort of internet boycott and haven’t seen or heard about these guys yet.


If you have been on some sort of internet boycott, where is your patriotism and why the sudden return??

Real Water Beds


Mine Got!

I don’t watch Smallville.  I just got into that cultural phenomenon a little too late with my Stargate and Andromeda taking up all of my TV time. Plus, every Smallville disc that I rent from the library is so damaged I can only assume they were not primarily used for watching Smallville.  Perhaps the were doubling as wash cloths or maybe post-it notes.  Either way, some of the scratches are deeper than the grand canyon.  So, I’m waiting for the seasons to simply fall into my lap, cheap and easy. 


However, because I have watched Smallville clips in the past on Youtube, it recommended this clip from a recent episode to me and I nearly died with mental laughter.


Aaand because I can’t embed this clip, you’ll have to deal with being taken to another webpage in order to watch it.  I could go on for hours on the matter of if you post a video on the internet, it ceases to be yours and become public domain unless you clarify that you *own* it directly and how banning embedding and sharing only makes you a public enemy, which leaves you open to any verbal and physical attack that might ensue because of your inability to share like the rest of humanity which is probably why we have so many wars in this world, thank you very much.  But I won’t rant today.  I have way too much studying for exams to talk about such petty things.  0_-


Go here



They’re right.  Totally a better ending. ^_^

Check out these other hilarious videos.

EDIT:  I did not make these films nor do I own any part of them.  I just like taking other people’s work and showing it to other other people.  ^_^



He simply abandons himself to the laughter there at the end.