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Oh, look – another crowd displeaser.

So, this has been happening for some time now.  I guess we should have seen it coming, given that the administration’s attempt to make this president’s legacy one of social and economic change has only managed to make social lines thicker and economic stagnation more pungent.  

Now, a shot across the bow is a warning. Its purpose is to say: Cease and desist, or the next shot will sink you. But Obama has already told the world — and Bashar Assad in particular — that there will be no next shot.

If he cannot be a peacetime president, then you make him a wartime one.  If he can win a war – any war (it could be a water balloon fight, and they would call that valid) – before he leaves the White House, then the administration can say that they did their job in giving him a legacy other presidents will have to follow.  I ask you seriously, if you were to run for president, is this the kind of legacy you would want as your example?

Obama would simply place everything in suspension while Congress finished its Labor Day barbecues and he flew off to Stockholm and St. Petersburg. So much for the fierce urgency of enforcing an international taboo and speaking for the dead children of Damascus.

Granted, it is great if you want to campaign how you will not be “like the last guy”.  The man takes more vacation hours than I take coffee breaks and nap times.  Which, as a college student, is saying much.

This is a fool’s errand, given to a fool by fools.  And we are foolish to think it is anything other than publicity and another grab at attention.  We simply cannot have Obama being outdone by Miley Cyrus.


Quote of the day

Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.
  – George Bernard Shaw


Hah!  This is why we should rule by a Republic!  Or complete and utter anarchy.  ^_^

All joking aside, there is some truth to be said about the people having to reap what they sow when they make stupid political decisions based on anything other than ethics and the American way.

Ice, ice, baby?

Who da thunk we would have a holiday, a national one at that, for Iced Tea.  But, apparently we can have national holidays for pretty much everything in life.


Anyway, go out and drink some ice tea in honor of our British/Southern roots.  Because we all like to think we’re Betty Davis from Little Foxes. 

Or, at least learn to make your own.  I am a fan of sweet sun brewed tea.  It feels organic and it’s like drinking the sun on the rocks.

I must admit that I do like Chai now and then.  I prefer it homemade, but Starbucks does in a pinch.  (I would put a link but the Starbucks website takes a million hours to open). 

Whiskey slush looks interesting too!


Hat tip: Allrecipes.com & Holidayinsights.com