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Oh, look – another crowd displeaser.

So, this has been happening for some time now.  I guess we should have seen it coming, given that the administration’s attempt to make this president’s legacy one of social and economic change has only managed to make social lines thicker and economic stagnation more pungent.  

Now, a shot across the bow is a warning. Its purpose is to say: Cease and desist, or the next shot will sink you. But Obama has already told the world — and Bashar Assad in particular — that there will be no next shot.

If he cannot be a peacetime president, then you make him a wartime one.  If he can win a war – any war (it could be a water balloon fight, and they would call that valid) – before he leaves the White House, then the administration can say that they did their job in giving him a legacy other presidents will have to follow.  I ask you seriously, if you were to run for president, is this the kind of legacy you would want as your example?

Obama would simply place everything in suspension while Congress finished its Labor Day barbecues and he flew off to Stockholm and St. Petersburg. So much for the fierce urgency of enforcing an international taboo and speaking for the dead children of Damascus.

Granted, it is great if you want to campaign how you will not be “like the last guy”.  The man takes more vacation hours than I take coffee breaks and nap times.  Which, as a college student, is saying much.

This is a fool’s errand, given to a fool by fools.  And we are foolish to think it is anything other than publicity and another grab at attention.  We simply cannot have Obama being outdone by Miley Cyrus.


Quote of the Day

If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would read "President Can’t Swim".
  – Lyndon B. Johnson



Never thought I would find an old guy like this hot, but when a man speaks the truth ya gotta love him.

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite.   -Jon Voight “Washington Post”

Tell it like it is, Jon.  Then go and reaffirm your Catholic roots or something and I will be your biggest fan.

Read full (albeit short) letter from Jon Voight here.


Hat Tip: Washington Post

What’s *your* password?

“The suspect, who used the pseudonym "Hacker Croll", had no specialist training, Adeline Champagnat, head of the French central office against online fraud, told Reuters news agency.”

-BBC News

Apparently, those “secure questions” all those websites have us fill out are not as secure as we would like to believe

“The Twitter accounts of President-elect Barack Obama, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, Britney Spears, Fox News and 29 others were hacked Monday according to the microblog site, leading to false and inappropriate messages being posted on their accounts.”


Yet another reason political members of any government should be carefully watched in their use of technology; if only for their own safety – if not for their countries. 

“The hackers found a way to take over the online tools used by Twitter’s support team to post the false updates or tweets, Twitter said in a blog posting.”


See, you can’t always trust things to be “trustworthy” on the internet.  When you don’t use something for over three months, people do yourself a favor and close the account; erase as much as you can of your activities with that website or online activity.  Obama, no offence meant to the man, would have been wise to close his Twitter if he hasn’t used it in over a whole year.  I’m already making plans to close my Twitter because I’ve only used it maybe twice in the entire time I’ve had it and it’s a waste of my time – plus I keep forgetting my password. 😀


You can find more detailed reports of the hacker story at CNN and Foxnews, but remember because its outside of American jurisdiction, you’re not going to hear a copious amount on the incident.