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Philadelphia, PA, April 22, 2013 (OperationRescue) — The jaw-dropping testimony of the prosecution’s final witness in the frightful Kermit Gosnell murder trial overshadowed two other witnesses who testified against the man accused of running a “charnel house” where newborn babies struggling for life were summarily dispatched through virtual “beheadings.”

Former Gosnell employee Kareema Cross testified calmly and sometimes defiantly under defense questioning, of filthy conditions, reused medical equipment that spread venereal diseases from one patient to another, rampant misuse of sedation by poorly educated and unqualified employees, and the cold-hearted severing of spinal cords of babies born alive after late-term abortions that were done well past the legal limit in Pennsylvania.


Read the rest of this here: Yeah, right here.  Even if you are pro-choice or pro-life or pro-neither, you should read this.  Why?  Because if you wanna keep the right to be a voter, you need to know what people are talking about.  Or not talking about, if you’re the media with strange and pointless ulterior motives.  Thanks to Twitter and Facebook and people who want to know truth, this story in all its grizzly is being exposed.  I don’t care what you vote for – this is a wrong and the only way to make it right is to acknowledge that it is real.


So, stop being ignorant; smarten up; read the news; know inaction has just as much consequence as action.


If it weren’t for the slow loading rate of this website, I might have read all of them but I have things to do.  There is my own list of women that I was surprised was not on this list.

Still, I laughed out loud and clapped my hands with glee when Angela Lansbury crossed the screen.


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Agatha Christie’s Cards on the Table was, like all Agatha Christie’s, a bit of a cheat by her simply because of all the red herrings and innocuous characters introduced and then forgotten.

Hercule Poirot are her best works, though, and that’s just a statement of fact.  There’s just no two ways around it, we all want to be that fussy just once in our lives.  In this mystery, Poirot’s joined by other detectives by Christie.  Not as famous, but characters none-the-less.  Superintendant Battle, Colonial Race, and the indefatigable Ariadne Oliver (which is based on Christie herself). 

The mystery, who killed a pompous blackmailer, Mr  Shaitana.  A man who specializes in finding and threatening those who “got away with it.”  Frankly, if you’re stupid enough to threaten a person who has already proven they have the stomach to kill another human being, you deserve what’s coming your way.  But that’s off point.

With the help of Battle, Race and Oliver, Poirot jumps to an almost impossible conclusion based on improbable evidence and manages to get the killer to reveal themselves with the trite but true “Damn you, you French nosy parker!” method.  But, of course as we all know, Poirot is Belgian.

Now, because all the suspects are all murderers, it makes for a lot of moments where you will be like “Oh, so they did it?  Oh, nevermind then.  Fine…” and you continue to read, because everyone pretty much had not only the motive but the mental nasty to have done it.  Don’t cheat and only read the end, because the story is a fun one, and the small sub-plots are cute, if not that well fleshed out.

All in all, not one of her best works but it’s Christie, can you really say no?