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Happy Earth Day

See above.

Also, see below.  It’s a picture.  Of Mars.  SUCKERS!  Nah, I’m just messing.  That’s the Earth in all its green and blue glory.  Down with Martians.  All they do it try and steal all our water.  They can go make their own water.  Turds.



Don’t do stupid things.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I am unashamedly posting about “reducing, reusing, and recycling”.  Why?  Because, as the highest form of life on the planet, when the world goes to rock-bottom we can only have ourselves to blame. 

Although I do not buy into the ideals of anti-humanism in favor of all things Earth, and over-population is a major hype (btw), the fact that the Earth is still the only habitable planet in our solar system should be enough to make us more environmentally aware.  We are the guardians for all life on Earth.  This includes the planet itself.  I think that makes us pretty hardcore.  No other animal, yes I am referring to us as animals, has the rationale to look at their lives and say “I could change my life to better myself and others.”

But it goes deeper than us all being the Earth’s superhero.  It’s about our very nature of self, if you think about it.  Aristotle did.

There are three levels of souls, as Aristotle says, that encompass all life.  Plants and the earth make up the Nutritive soul, and all animals and lesser creatures are Sensitive souls (you got that right).  We, Mankind – Humans – have the privilege of possessing the Rational soul, on top of also possessing both the Nutritive and Sensitive souls within ourselves.  We are the highest soul; we are the greatest soul on the planet.  We are greater than the planet, which depends on us for survival and in return give us the tools to survive.  It could be a perfect give-and-take relationship if we, the rational, were willing to give back, and care for, a planet so desperately dependent on us.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  It’s that easy.

Where I live, we do the usual recycling habits of tins and bottles and cereal boxes.  Like everyone does or should be doing.  On top of that, I personally make a point of not using a lot of plastic, which is not biodegradable.  Plastic water bottles are being flushed out of our household system slowly (although I admit that I will give into the weakness of being in a hurry and vender machine myself up a water bottle now and again).  I believe (not really) that plastic is some sort of alien enemy here to poison us and our planet.  Grr.  Down with aliens directly out of Doctor Who!

So, that’s my contribution to making sure I don’t lax in my human duties to mother earth.  What are yours?


Hat tip for giving me the thought: http://www.castleink.com

To read up on Aristotle’s full understanding of Souls, for which I also owe a hat tip to some PHIL 320 class: http://faculty.washington.edu/smcohen/320/psyche.htm


Disclaimer: I am not Aristotle, nor Marc Cohen.  I am, however, pretty dang cool.  Mostly because I worked environment, Doctor Who, Aristotle, and the University of Washington all into once post.  sadly, there was no room for Batman or the X-men.

What’s your team?

Earth Day 015

Happy Earth Day!