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Look what I found

I have a blog!?  You would not know it with how much I fail at writing things on here.

I can be better about this.


Are you allowed to make New Years revolutions after the first of Jan?  Is that allowed?  If I do this, people in dark suits sporting $10 knockoff sunglasses won’t come to my door to cart me away?

*knock knock*


Is it midnight yet?

Hello? *knock knock* anyone home? 

As opposed to all those places where you gotta pay good money for your drugs.
Back to sleep, you night owls.

Oh, look – another crowd displeaser.

So, this has been happening for some time now.  I guess we should have seen it coming, given that the administration’s attempt to make this president’s legacy one of social and economic change has only managed to make social lines thicker and economic stagnation more pungent.  

Now, a shot across the bow is a warning. Its purpose is to say: Cease and desist, or the next shot will sink you. But Obama has already told the world — and Bashar Assad in particular — that there will be no next shot.

If he cannot be a peacetime president, then you make him a wartime one.  If he can win a war – any war (it could be a water balloon fight, and they would call that valid) – before he leaves the White House, then the administration can say that they did their job in giving him a legacy other presidents will have to follow.  I ask you seriously, if you were to run for president, is this the kind of legacy you would want as your example?

Obama would simply place everything in suspension while Congress finished its Labor Day barbecues and he flew off to Stockholm and St. Petersburg. So much for the fierce urgency of enforcing an international taboo and speaking for the dead children of Damascus.

Granted, it is great if you want to campaign how you will not be “like the last guy”.  The man takes more vacation hours than I take coffee breaks and nap times.  Which, as a college student, is saying much.

This is a fool’s errand, given to a fool by fools.  And we are foolish to think it is anything other than publicity and another grab at attention.  We simply cannot have Obama being outdone by Miley Cyrus.

I haven’t forgotten

Things have been go-go-go since November.  I promise that all the tattoos will be up for showing come the last day of the year at the latest.


So, apparently that during their Christmas weekend, South Carolina received its first snowfall since 1887 – when weather records keeping first began!  I dunno, I think it’s pretty rockin’ that all this global warming is meaning snowmen-and angels for all!

Of course, this isn’t good for all those people who were stranded at airports b/c the South isn’t prepared for all that white powder.  Not that I can comment that much; I currently live in a state that has exactly one snowplow, which is really just a farmer’s tractor with seven shovels tied to the fender, and all the counties have to share it amongst themselves.

BTW: the 40+ tattoos that I owe this website will be coming in sometime tomorrow. Look around for it; it’s gonna get epic!

Economics Exam

College Studies Exam

Statistics Exam

Speech Exam

History Exam

That’s right!  Only one more exam and then you guys will be stuck with me for the entire Summer!  Barring death, summer work, travel, and the occasional monsoon.

Not Dead Yet!

Bear with me people.  My computer is down for the count and currently on the operating table of life.  Hopefully, it will be back in working order by the end of this week.  I did not forget I have this website, but the camera I use for my tattoos and most of the material I post about is on my computer and not on the computers/laptops I have been stealing from others.

I do truly miss my computer.  My desk looks lonely and naked.

Goodbye, weekend

Ugh, I am not looking forward to Monday.  Nothing special happening, I just want to sleep in one of these days.  Anyone got a time machine or something else equally improbable but desirable??

Spit and Polish

Talk about an update.

I know I’ve only had this for maybe two months, but I get bored very easily.  Plus, there were just too many restrictions on my last theme.  With a new theme, I figured it required a new title – because, frankly, “Troubled Musings of a Trouble Mind” is reeeealy long and takes too long to say.  Seeing as I currently have no followers (of which I am aware) I decided it wouldn’t discombobulate anyone to do a quick revamp.

This theme caught my eye because the color stands out without being blindingly bright or bold.  It is also easy to read and set up and change about.  Cheers to 85ideas; the creator.

365 pause(!_!)

I didn’t forget! I am getting the last few days organized to post. They will all be up by tonight.