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Back, with some road-kill.

color blind test

The Color Blind Test.


Free dinner, if you’re fast enough to hit it


If this is the kind of “drug prevention” stuff my tax dollar is going to, Uncle Sam and I need to have a talk…

fellowship passing through

The Fellowship is passing through.  Don’t hit the hobbits.  The Elf is fair game.

drunk driving

Please drive as if you’re drunk.

old suicide jokes

The “Chicken Cross the Road” joke is actually a metaphor about suicides.  Suddenly this sign, and all chicken jokes, have become morbid….and 50% funnier.

warning christians ahead

Caution: Christians ahead.



personal space issues

Please feel free to scare other drivers by invading their personal space.

Deer crossing sign in Idaho.

These signs are always such a letdown.  25 years, and I have yet to see a reindeer.  Maybe they only come out at night…

flying bikes

E.T. is in the area.  Watch your heads.

flying people ahead

Keeping with the flying motif: holy floating humans, Batman.

trucks driving backwards

Caution: some truckers are insane enough to drive uphill BACKWARDS.

end road work

Quite possibly the oddest protest sign I’ve ever seen.

end mowing

…I stand corrected.

matadors ahead

Matadors ahead.

mario kart

Mario Kart track ahead.  Prepare your mushrooms.


We call that statement declarative, concise, and total bull$h!t.

for all you liberals

The Tea-Party takes this to heart.


Meanwhile, the media…

workers digging

People burying bodies ahead.  You didn’t see anything.  Just keep driving.  That’s right, move along.

lets not go there

Let’s…just not go there.

laws of physics

Please feel free to break the laws of physics.


All jesting aside, driving is a dangerous action.  A car weights about a ton, give or take, and can crush a human being no problem.  Being inside a car does not make us invincible, and the safeties put into a car are called safeties for a reason.

We all know the rules of safe driving, so I’m not going to write them down.  As risky as it is, I’m trusting that you’re not as dumb as you act.

Drive as if everyone else on the road is an idiot (you’ll find this to be a truth anyways, so might as well be prepared for it).

Most of all, don’t be a fool.  Driving is a privilege and the right to be behind a wheel should be earned through respect of the road, of the vehicle, and of your own capabilities.

So, don’t be that idiot on the road that I have to hate on because you don’t know what you’re doing.


Message is this:

drive responsibly



I am pro-life, which means I am pro man, woman, child, and little green men from the moon, and am proud of it.  I have always stood against the death penalty, assisted suicide, murder, bullying, torture, slavery, abortion, euthanasia, and all the other pretty stereotypical things associated with the termination and degradation of life.

Yes, as a pro-life woman, I do not support the deliberate termination of a child in the womb.

But it is not always about being “against” something.  It is called “pro-life” for a reason.  Pro is a positive term meant to show encouragement and support.  Being pro-sport does not mean you are anti-non-sports.  It means that you support sports.  Being pro-life does not have to mean you are against death (and no one can be anti-death, because it comes to all of us in the end, and that should not scare us). 

Being pro-life it means you support the miracle of humanity’s existence from the womb to the tomb, each one unique down to their DNA.  And when man-made means are used to terminate that miracle prematurely, it is like someone coming in and sending a baseball bat through your favorite TV during your favorite movie.  You can no longer watch that movie on that particular TV ever again.  It can never be replaced.  Human beings, once terminated, are never coming back (results may vary based on religious beliefs).

Side note: The point of being pregnant is to create a mini-version of yourself, a mini-version who depends upon you (the woman) unconditionally and knows you inside out for nine months of your life.  That is a pretty big deal.  A woman’s ability to grow a child, birth a child, and feed a child with nothing more than her body is an astounding skillset – and one you do not have to go to an expensive school to obtain.  Step aside Chuck Norris.

Also, see this video to truly understand the badassery of women.  It is awesome and funny and very telling.

2014 march

So pro-lifers just keep marching on.  Keep it positive; keep it pro.  And pro-abortionists, sorry if we step on your toes.  Well, sorta sorry.  Others might be sorry.  I think it is funny how you hop around holding your feet in pain.


Links to read:


-Don’t do stupid things.  Like setting things on fire.  Unless it’s scented candles.  Those are meant to be burned.  It’s like a fragrant flame.



Let me make a side note here, because this is very important.  I hate no one, nor do I condemn those who believe truly in the freedom of Choice and abortion.  They have their reasons which I, not being them, cannot fully understand – nor will ever be able to fully understand.  But, as one human being to another, living in a world full of agony and wonder, I love people.  I am astounded by you (whoever you are) and I know that, as a human being, you are meant for great things. 

That is why I am pro-life: because I believe in you, no matter what.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

The Fall semester is starting

And now, a moment of silence.




You may continue your night

Not dead yet.

I know it’s been a while but I am coming down off a mad-cap college high.  The coming weeks, as I prep for finals, will be smattered with posts.  I promise.  Also, I know I owe a zillion and seven comparing pictures.  I know this because they are taking up room on my laptop.  Need external hard drive!


Peace out.

Don’t be stupid.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I am unashamedly posting about “reducing, reusing, and recycling”.  Why?  Because, as the highest form of life on the planet, when the world goes to rock-bottom we can only have ourselves to blame. 

Although I do not buy into the ideals of anti-humanism in favor of all things Earth, and over-population is a major hype (btw), the fact that the Earth is still the only habitable planet in our solar system should be enough to make us more environmentally aware.  We are the guardians for all life on Earth.  This includes the planet itself.  I think that makes us pretty hardcore.  No other animal, yes I am referring to us as animals, has the rationale to look at their lives and say “I could change my life to better myself and others.”

But it goes deeper than us all being the Earth’s superhero.  It’s about our very nature of self, if you think about it.  Aristotle did.

There are three levels of souls, as Aristotle says, that encompass all life.  Plants and the earth make up the Nutritive soul, and all animals and lesser creatures are Sensitive souls (you got that right).  We, Mankind – Humans – have the privilege of possessing the Rational soul, on top of also possessing both the Nutritive and Sensitive souls within ourselves.  We are the highest soul; we are the greatest soul on the planet.  We are greater than the planet, which depends on us for survival and in return give us the tools to survive.  It could be a perfect give-and-take relationship if we, the rational, were willing to give back, and care for, a planet so desperately dependent on us.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  It’s that easy.

Where I live, we do the usual recycling habits of tins and bottles and cereal boxes.  Like everyone does or should be doing.  On top of that, I personally make a point of not using a lot of plastic, which is not biodegradable.  Plastic water bottles are being flushed out of our household system slowly (although I admit that I will give into the weakness of being in a hurry and vender machine myself up a water bottle now and again).  I believe (not really) that plastic is some sort of alien enemy here to poison us and our planet.  Grr.  Down with aliens directly out of Doctor Who!

So, that’s my contribution to making sure I don’t lax in my human duties to mother earth.  What are yours?


Hat tip for giving me the thought:

To read up on Aristotle’s full understanding of Souls, for which I also owe a hat tip to some PHIL 320 class:


Disclaimer: I am not Aristotle, nor Marc Cohen.  I am, however, pretty dang cool.  Mostly because I worked environment, Doctor Who, Aristotle, and the University of Washington all into once post.  sadly, there was no room for Batman or the X-men.

Not dead yet.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but never fear.  I’ve got a collection of contrasting pictures coming up.  Hopefully, I’ll get them up tonight.

In other news, COCO PUFFS!


Thank you.

Contrasting not happening

No contrasting pictures today.  Busy, busy, busy.  Later

Blast from the past.

Anyone else remember that one song with the refrain,

“Sleep!  no I never get enough; always waking up tired.  Sleep, no I never get enough – if I sleep too late I might get fired.”

Or something akin to that.  Yeah.  Story of my life right now.


What was the name of that song? 

The Iliad and rambling.

Re-re-rereading it.  Never gets old.  Best.  Book.  Ever.  Homer is my god.  Well, God is my god, but if I were into that type of thing, I would worship at the temple of Homer and all his epic poetic prose.  And stuff. 


Also, Battlefield: Earth is a reeeeeeally long book.  Where did L. Ron Hubbard find the time??  And it’s such tiny print!

Read The World of Jeeves.  It’s proper British hilarity.  I just finished it after reading it off and on for about 2 years (It’s that kind of book where you don’t have to read it all together but take each chapter as a story unto itself) and might add it to my list of “to-read-annually” list.


Ok, I’m done being a bad person.  Back to Japanese homework and conjugating words properly so Sensei does not shake her head pityingly in my direction anymore.  It’s not my fault, though; no one told the Japanese that dyslexic people exist!  Is that insensitive?  That felt a little insensitive.  I’m sorry, Japan.  I apologize.


No.  More.  Coffee.