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Is she renting that accent??

I once tried (and failed) to do a “Free iTunes a week” thing here, to let people who cared know that there is occasionally free stuff on iTunes.  That lasted for a couple seconds.  Anyway, I decided “Why the blazes not give it another go?”.  I went to iTunes and walked away a broken woman.

Raggamuffin by Selah Sue made me ask the question: “Is there hope for humanity?” and “Do you know the muffin man?”.  Two questions that, I believe, if answered, could bring about the dawning of the new age.  Maybe that is what Selah will do for us, because she’s not doing anyone favors in the music industry right now.  Her beat was horrible, her lyrics offensive (in their lack of creativity), and her melody an abomination.  Fie on her.  FIE!

I refuse to link to her song.  I do have standards.


Disclaimer: I own no stocks in iTunes.  And, thank heavens, I do not associate with Selah Sue.


Blast from the past.

Anyone else remember that one song with the refrain,

“Sleep!  no I never get enough; always waking up tired.  Sleep, no I never get enough – if I sleep too late I might get fired.”

Or something akin to that.  Yeah.  Story of my life right now.


What was the name of that song? 

Free iTunes downloads

Jeez, where to start?  First off, sorry about the lateness of this.  Things going on.


Let’s start with the worst and move from there, okay?

Starting off, we have – well, I’m not entirely sure what it is supposed to be but I can tell you what it came across as: hilarious.  Gerardo Ortiz’s song “A La Moda” had me cocking my head to one side with a single eyebrow raised, scratching my brain in hopes of enlightenment.  Nothing came.  The music sounds like something from an American mockery of Mexican music and style; a disappointment all around.

Next, the Rescues who – very frankly – need to be saved from their drab, fairly commonplace beat and style in the song “Break Me Out”.  I’ve heard this before with more interesting lyrics.  With that said, I sometimes enjoy this type of song.  The biggest problem?  Not enough accents in the melody.  Perhaps had they played around with octaves a bit more the song might have stuck in my head a little longer than two seconds.

Lastly, the song that actually had me listening with both ears was Beckah Shae’s song “Life.”  The beat (R&B/Hip-hop) is not necessarily a song collection I have in abundance, not because I am against the style of music but I don’t always enjoy the tone and melodies (if Hip-hop can be said to have melodies).  But, I liked this song enough to download it.  Oh yeah, and the Christian message was totally in it’s favor.  I really do try to give those God fearing people a chance.


And that’s all.  Like I said, I don’t do videos but it might be worth it to some people to waste computer and ipod space on such things.  Who can say?

Free iTunes

Yes it’s been a while but when iTunes only offers music videos, in which I do not indulge, there’s not much to post about.

Maybe it was the fact that the lead singers are called Sanchez and Nacho, maybe it’s because it reminds me of the 90’s, or maybe I’m just a sap for lyrics I don’t understand.  Either way, I downloaded “Talvez me estoy tomando el pelo” by Los Claxons for a spell and was entertained for a small while.  It’s not stellar musical cleverness, nor are their voices, claimed to ring well together, that impressive.  But then again, they are being released as a free song from iTunes.

Can anyone else make out what 22-20s are saying in their song “Latest Heartbreak”?  I have it narrowed down to either talking about the obvious, heartbreak, or the not so obvious, heartburn.  Both are highly possible but my ears wept for mercy that I not listen to this song a second or third time.

I am not a fan for country/blue grass music.  It’s not because I think it’s horrible (for a change) it’s just not what gets me feeling good.  This blue grass song, “Live it” is no different.  I’m sure there is a beautiful message somewhere in this twanging melody, but I can’t hear it through the twang.  I will say, kudos to the family business that the Cherryholmes have going for them.


That’s all for now, folks!


Hat tip; iTunes

Free iTunes

Okay.  It’s been a while but I have not forgotten.  Here is a quick list/opinions of songs currently offered for free on iTunes.  Try them out, explore and compare; prove me wrong if you dare.

First up is a 40 song in total sampler.  One from Urban Outfitters, which looks pretty good.  It’s international music, which can sometimes hold diamonds amongst all that coal.  I haven’t listened to all the songs yet but so far I’m not terribly disappointed. 

The second part of the first set is 15 songs from Facebook through the iTunes fan page.  (Editor’s Note: You must “Like” the itunes page in order to take advantage of this deal).  I myself am a fan, but Latin music (eh) is not that great shakes in my opinion, so I am still juggling as to whether or not I want this taking up space on my hard drive.

Another collection of songs, this time from American Songwriter, looks to be (again) mostly country.  Is it just me or is Country and International the only two genres that willingly give away their music and talent in order to become known / maintain their popularity?  I’m not complaining but I thought it worth mentioning.  Is it that other genres are “too good” to give away free music on a regular basis, or have they just not caught on to this “getting out among the public” marketing gimmick…

Onto the singles.

Colores Colores Colores by Cancion de la Semana was not mind blowing in any sense of the word.  In fact, it felt a bit like it was missing something.  Say, a passable beat.  but I’m sure the song has great sentiment.  I got the song simply to practice my language skills.  If it does not serve its purpose I’m deleting it.

OW! OW! OW! The song "Catch Me If You Can” by Outasight was painful to the nth degree.  I couldn’t pin it down to any one thing.  Maybe it was the pathetic lyrics, or the nails-on-a-chalkboard vocals, or the beat from hell, or the accompaniment of the damned.  Either way this song must be avoided at all costs, simply for the sake of Mankind to continue on its path to enlightenment.

Next up we have The Expendables and their song “Well.”  Perhaps the name of this band speaks for itself.  Their music, albeit not as devastatingly painful as Outasight, is still nothing for which to bother wasting your memory space.  It’s bland, the lyrics are nothing clever and the overall feel is blah.  Something to fall asleep to while you pretend to be deep and full of sentiment.

Free itunes

Josh Ritter’s song Change of Time is alright.  Intriguing lines but the music doesn’t grab me like it could. 3 out of 5

Nikki Yanofsky sings a passable song called Cool My Heels which is all about…something or other.  I personally probably won’t keep it, if I decide to download it but I’m sure there are some people who will find it Summer-y and kinda groovy.

Let’s see if I can pronounce this properly.  Cancion de la Semana might consider shortening her name.  However, her song, the lyrics of which I cannot understand, has a beat to it that I really, really like.  Muerdete la Lengua (which sounds like “the murder of the lasagna”) is fun and raspy and the kind of stuff I can enjoy at a stoplight, volume turned up loud enough to annoy the old guy sitting in the car next to me.


Yes, I am back.  With my complete and utter disregard of the heart and soul that most of these singers put into their work.  I do not care if the world loves their stuff, if it does not suit me I’ll let you know.  Please, I enjoy other comments.  Who knows, you might just change my mind about a song or film.

Hey all!  Sorry about the posts, or lack there of.  With finals just (literally) around the proverbial corner, I have been putting many things aside to make sure I don’t fail anything.  Come the day after May 3rd, my body is going to be *coated* in fake tattoos.  It’s gonna be great.


Anyways, a friend of mine has a project going on at his school and asks that I make a pitch in my usual ranting style.  I don’t know what this project is, but they totally could have had a more zesty logo going for them.  That’s all I’m saying (sorry, N, no hard feelings!) 

The Facebook link, where you can “like” the website – because we’ve all apparently grown passed the “fan” thing – you can also learn a bit about the project.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, might I suggest that you join the 21st century at your earliest convenience.

The actual website itself is fairly decent looking, if a little lacking in dark punk colors.  After the FB logo they have up, I was expecting more reds and glowing silvers but hey, who am I to judge?  (oh, wait.)  They are also on Twitter.  So, supposedly, it is officially something to join.  I mean, come on if you’re own twitter you’re like a little celebrity, only with fewer anti-depressant medications.

From what I can understand, VidSounds can tell you the name of any song that you might hear on a show or movie or whatever.  Remember that one song they played in the first “Sky Captain” trailer?  That has a name and was first owned by StarGate (but I learned that on my own, not from VidSounds)  be that as it may, check out the site.  You just might find that song you’ve been trying to name all your life.  Or you might just have a little fun messing around with a website that claims to have all the answers.


Now go out and be personable before we revoke your license to be human.



Disclaimer: The only thing I own in this entire post is my amazing wit and natural distaste for greasy cheese fries.  Oh, and the disclaimer.

iTunes of the Week

First:  Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club was a UK version of any Jason Mraz song without the fun guitar play and none of the listening ease.  With that said, the mood of the fun is light and the beat is not unbearable.  Meh, 2.5 of 5.

Second:  NewWorldSon’s song, There Is a Way was a nice song and the lyrics were touching.  Of course, like every song I review, I found something wrong.  It is a typical Christian/rock song where it is all about finding yourself and the “rock” music is not so much rock as it is pop.  Not head nodding in any sense of the word – but I can promise it would sound good on a piano solo.

Third: It’s another collection of songs!  Woot.  These are always fun, if tedious to wade through, but I did my best.  Country is not my favorite, but the only thing I reject without consideration is vulgar rap music.  But that is neither here nor there.  I would go through each and every song, but that takes away from the pleasure of you doing it yourself.


So, go and get free music and make your own opinions in life for a change.

Free iTunes of the Week

This week we have two-out-of-three, which isn’t bad considering that iTunes usually gives out the crappy stuff for free.

Let’s start out with the bad song: “Shark’s Tooth” by Archie Bronson Outfit.  First off, any band with more than two words to their name and more than five syllables is out to make a statement, not a song.  Unless you’re into badly pulled off Beatles impersonations, pass.

Next up; “Perro Come Perro” by Superlitio.  Well, I have to say that *I* do not particularly like what I hear, but I cannot say the beat is not catchy in its own way.  I have to give it 3 stars out of five, simply for not being loud, unintelligible (as foreign songs go), and heavy on the techno.  Good dancing song.

Finally, “Castaway” by Chasen.  Never heard of them but the song is not half bad.  I can name ten bands I like more – and twenty better songs – off the top of my head but I won’t miss the forest for the trees here.  Give it a listen.


Until next time, enjoy what little pleasure we can get in this world by ironing your socks before you put them on during those cold days.

So, here I am staying up reeeeally late (come on, it’s Saturday night!) and I suddenly think, “Hey, what would it be like to post my random collection of midnight thoughts on my blog as they come to me?”



I am watching Leverage while drinking Shirley Temples and eating well buttered popcorn.  It is good times.  The season one final episodes are gooood.  Mostly because Hardison is HOT!  My younger brother is eating my popcorn like it’s his life force.  I am considering tweaking his ear and to make him stop.  It is sooo nice to no longer have braces!

I wonder if I should have read that chapter of history I’m supposed to know come Monday.

Should I or should I not get another set of piercings on my ears?  Or should I have up the money to buy myself a laptop or new cell phone.  Who knows anything about the iPhone?  I have also been considering iTouch or whatever it’s call phone.  Anyone with any information on this?  I would looove to hear what you’ve got.

Heeheehee…Eliot is hilarious.

You know who is a fun singer?  Lady Gaga.  I can’t say I find her music videos at all clever, and she’s not that great of a dancer.  But her songs get stuck in your head anyways.  However, Owl City is more inspiring and no one, but no one is better than Loreena McKennit when it comes to turning anything into a song.  Of course, I could go on and on forever about music (most of which I know nothing about)  But having over 23GB of music on my computer, I think I can speak with some authority in knowing a good song or singer when I hear one or the other.

Hahaha!  I love Leverage.  Makes me want to be a criminal myself, but I know I would suck at it royally.  I would last possibly last a day as a crook or conman.

Why is most art a depiction of naked people?  Not that I am complaining or know anything about art, but it struck me that most artists must have been perverts bogged with fetishes.

I am reading Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxes (that’s a tongue twister if ever I had one) which I may or may not finish.  I would like to but I don’t know if I’ll have the staying power to read it on top of school studies.  I am, however, determined to finish A History of Japan by some college professor or other who considers himself the epitome of Japanese culture. 


You know what is gorgeous?  This:

Croatia (174)

It’s like walking into one of my own stories.  This is Dubrovnik in Croatia.  A homeland of sorts for me.  My great-grandfather came over in the early 1900’s with twenty dollars in his pocket and bam, here I am barely 100 years later writing up a blog post on my computer while watching a TV show with my sister and enjoying what little pleasures I can get through popcorn and flavored ginger ale.

Here’s another picture of the sea from a Dubrovnik wall

Croatia (137) Is that or is that not the blue?


You know who are a hilarious duo?  Yivvits and Mr. Bubbles.  I find them highly amusing.  They make my long days of having to sit in front of a computer, studying my college classes and writing papers and researching topics, go by really fast.  They are really entertaining with their insights into the Star Wars Galaxies game, and other things Star Wars.

I’ve totally now got Grenadine breath.  Where is Crest toothpaste when you need it?  Ah…bubblegum!


I think I’ve run out of ramblings.  Mostly because I am going crosseyed and have to wake up in about five hours to go to Sunday School and teach my oversized rug-rats.


Fighting off the invisible minions of the tissue paper monster