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If it weren’t for the slow loading rate of this website, I might have read all of them but I have things to do.  There is my own list of women that I was surprised was not on this list.

Still, I laughed out loud and clapped my hands with glee when Angela Lansbury crossed the screen.


Hap Tip:


Okay…where to begin?


First off, I saw this movie in theaters when it first came out in the middle-late 90’s.  But after watching it, I only had nine year old memories of the movie and I vaguely knew that Leann Rimes sang one of the songs from it on one of her early CD’s – when CD’s were still a novelty.  (Did I just expose my agedness?).  But other than that, I remembered nothing about the movie and couldn’t even recall the name.  It was just an outing with my eldest sister that made my year because I felt so adult and special and it was like our thing that we saw this movie together.

Well, all that said, imagine my blast to the past surprise and excitement when I stumbled across this movie on Netflix in their “Because you subjected yourself to this crap, you might like___” section.

…Sadly…”Quest for Camelot” was not all my much older and critical mind expected it to be and maybe it was a good thing that I forgot the name of the movie for so long.

The songs were not catchy or clever, the constant homoerotism between the two headed dragon heads shocked me for a 90’s movie made for kids, and the plot only beat out the voice acting in utter disaster by a small margin.

I’m glad I finally saw it again and can see it for what it was; a horribly made Warner Bros’ movie during their pathetically trite period.  But I’m also glad that it did not ruin the memory of hanging out with my sister TOO much.  I mean, come on – who goes to the movies with family to enjoy a good movie?  It’s all about the bad ones so you have something to talk about on the drive home.


One thing people might find interesting.  You know that song that Josh Groban sings, “The Prayer” or something?  Originally from this movie and sung by a chick.  Bam!


Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Wiki, the Groban and the Rimes do not belong to me,

Movie Review: Avalon

Well…it was long and boring and there was little action of which to speak and the dialog was overwhelmed by soundtrack and the ending which I read online instead of sitting through the whole film sounded like every other poorly made movie based entirely on one person’s sudden inspiration to become a script-writer; nonsense and fluff.

Eh, might I suggest you go and rewatch and oldie and a goodie instead of wasting your time on this 2001 film about absolutely nothing?

Recently, I watched a Japanese movie and since i haven’t done a movie review in a while I figure I can review the movie.

The Great Yokai War was entertaining (I guess) and visually stunning (I suppose) and had an interesting plot line (I think).  It would have helped had I been able to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie, during which I must assume they made the entire case for the movie and did not refer back to it for the rest of the two hour long film.

So, I jumped about as I found scenes that actually played and scenes where I wasn’t staring at a jumpy screen for 5-10 minutes.

Still, I learned some things about Japanese folklore I did not know before.  Not because I watched the movie, but because I had to wiki most of the things they were talking about just to understand what was going on.

All in all, the original vocals are much better than the dubbed (which I watched for two minutes before realizing it was dubbed) version – which was like listening to a movie put to Pokemon soundtracks.  All the actors (presumably) are famous Japanese actors and went on to have normal acting lives, whatever that means.  I wouldn’t know, since I can’t read much Japanese and don’t have the stamina to read about actors.

Anyway, the film was cute(?) and had some stop-action animation scenes.  I enjoyed the lack of CGI, which gave the film a more natural feel to it, since the actors were acting to an object they could actually see and not at an invisible spot in the air which was suppose to represent a thing (See: Star Wars I, II, III)

The story, from what I could understand, had potential but not enough background for people who are not Japanese and therefore do not understand folklore.  This is to be expected, since it is a Japanese movie for Japanese audiences, and in American films we rarely explain references to Revolutionary war heroes, or the war of the states, or West Virginia.


I enjoyed it more than the Twilight movie…not that that is saying much…

Free iTunes

Fairly interesting pickings this week, if nothing else.

First song, I did not like.  Maybe because I don’t like all those G-major and G-minor songs done over and over again.  But Daniel Hope’s Chaconne in G Major was kinda boring.

The second one by Jorge Drexler was not as bad as first I thought.  Being in a different language and culture, therefore the style of music will be inevitably different, but I liked it enough to download it.  Una Cancion Me Trajo Hasta Aqui was just so relaxing to listen to.

The third and final song, perhaps, was the most “modern” by some band called Paper Tongues.  Not the cleverest of band names, but there you go.  No one ever tells these people different.  The song itself is nothing special – no hidden gem this week – but its catchy (sorta) and they have nice voices (kinda) I’m still deciding if I want Trinity or not.

So, here I am staying up reeeeally late (come on, it’s Saturday night!) and I suddenly think, “Hey, what would it be like to post my random collection of midnight thoughts on my blog as they come to me?”



I am watching Leverage while drinking Shirley Temples and eating well buttered popcorn.  It is good times.  The season one final episodes are gooood.  Mostly because Hardison is HOT!  My younger brother is eating my popcorn like it’s his life force.  I am considering tweaking his ear and to make him stop.  It is sooo nice to no longer have braces!

I wonder if I should have read that chapter of history I’m supposed to know come Monday.

Should I or should I not get another set of piercings on my ears?  Or should I have up the money to buy myself a laptop or new cell phone.  Who knows anything about the iPhone?  I have also been considering iTouch or whatever it’s call phone.  Anyone with any information on this?  I would looove to hear what you’ve got.

Heeheehee…Eliot is hilarious.

You know who is a fun singer?  Lady Gaga.  I can’t say I find her music videos at all clever, and she’s not that great of a dancer.  But her songs get stuck in your head anyways.  However, Owl City is more inspiring and no one, but no one is better than Loreena McKennit when it comes to turning anything into a song.  Of course, I could go on and on forever about music (most of which I know nothing about)  But having over 23GB of music on my computer, I think I can speak with some authority in knowing a good song or singer when I hear one or the other.

Hahaha!  I love Leverage.  Makes me want to be a criminal myself, but I know I would suck at it royally.  I would last possibly last a day as a crook or conman.

Why is most art a depiction of naked people?  Not that I am complaining or know anything about art, but it struck me that most artists must have been perverts bogged with fetishes.

I am reading Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxes (that’s a tongue twister if ever I had one) which I may or may not finish.  I would like to but I don’t know if I’ll have the staying power to read it on top of school studies.  I am, however, determined to finish A History of Japan by some college professor or other who considers himself the epitome of Japanese culture. 


You know what is gorgeous?  This:

Croatia (174)

It’s like walking into one of my own stories.  This is Dubrovnik in Croatia.  A homeland of sorts for me.  My great-grandfather came over in the early 1900’s with twenty dollars in his pocket and bam, here I am barely 100 years later writing up a blog post on my computer while watching a TV show with my sister and enjoying what little pleasures I can get through popcorn and flavored ginger ale.

Here’s another picture of the sea from a Dubrovnik wall

Croatia (137) Is that or is that not the blue?


You know who are a hilarious duo?  Yivvits and Mr. Bubbles.  I find them highly amusing.  They make my long days of having to sit in front of a computer, studying my college classes and writing papers and researching topics, go by really fast.  They are really entertaining with their insights into the Star Wars Galaxies game, and other things Star Wars.

I’ve totally now got Grenadine breath.  Where is Crest toothpaste when you need it?  Ah…bubblegum!


I think I’ve run out of ramblings.  Mostly because I am going crosseyed and have to wake up in about five hours to go to Sunday School and teach my oversized rug-rats.


Fighting off the invisible minions of the tissue paper monster


Can we say “totally wicked”?

Joe Carnahan’s ‘A-Team’ Trailer

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