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Hey all!  Sorry about the posts, or lack there of.  With finals just (literally) around the proverbial corner, I have been putting many things aside to make sure I don’t fail anything.  Come the day after May 3rd, my body is going to be *coated* in fake tattoos.  It’s gonna be great.


Anyways, a friend of mine has a project going on at his school and asks that I make a pitch in my usual ranting style.  I don’t know what this project is, but they totally could have had a more zesty logo going for them.  That’s all I’m saying (sorry, N, no hard feelings!) 

The Facebook link, where you can “like” the website – because we’ve all apparently grown passed the “fan” thing – you can also learn a bit about the project.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, might I suggest that you join the 21st century at your earliest convenience.

The actual website itself is fairly decent looking, if a little lacking in dark punk colors.  After the FB logo they have up, I was expecting more reds and glowing silvers but hey, who am I to judge?  (oh, wait.)  They are also on Twitter.  So, supposedly, it is officially something to join.  I mean, come on if you’re own twitter you’re like a little celebrity, only with fewer anti-depressant medications.

From what I can understand, VidSounds can tell you the name of any song that you might hear on a show or movie or whatever.  Remember that one song they played in the first “Sky Captain” trailer?  That has a name and was first owned by StarGate (but I learned that on my own, not from VidSounds)  be that as it may, check out the site.  You just might find that song you’ve been trying to name all your life.  Or you might just have a little fun messing around with a website that claims to have all the answers.


Now go out and be personable before we revoke your license to be human.



Disclaimer: The only thing I own in this entire post is my amazing wit and natural distaste for greasy cheese fries.  Oh, and the disclaimer.



Like the title might suggest to the post perceptive reader, I just used up an hour of my day to read this famous book.  And, because I like to think my opinion matters, I am writing a review.

First off; it was enjoyable even though I already knew the ending.

Now we can get to the actual review. The writing style with dialogue, I cannot stand.  Just tell me they talk with a drawl, or a lisp, or “ignorantly” and let me give them my own frame of reference voices.  It takes away, for me anyway, that wholeness of the story when I have to translate what I’m reading while I am reading it.  With this said, Steinbeck did not lose my attention throughout the story despite this thing that I consider a disadvantage for both reader and writer.  Unless the dialogue is supposed to be silly, or hard to understand just please write in actual English

His writing style, although not as pleasant to the eye as other writers, was enticing nonetheless.  His descriptive style made imagining the stage for the story easy, thus allowing a reader to delve further into the story and not have to work the scenes out in their head.  The flow from one scene to another was clean and yet left the reader with a certain amount of curiosity as to what could possibly happen next.  The characters, although well developed in such a short time, were not as three-dimensional as they could have been.  However, again, it is an extremely short book and there is not much room for character development, which may have actually hindered the wholeness of the story itself.  I cannot say since I was not there when Steinbeck wrote the book.  One trick I especially liked was having the story end as it began, in the same setting and time of day.

The ending, which many people call depressing, made a lot of sense to me – when taken with the context of the book’s era.  Today, if written for modern times, the ending would have been totally unacceptable unless the entire story had a complete makeover.  That’s my only problem; the story does not really cross time.  The characters can, but not the story – because our modern day frame of reference (of the everyday man) would find it unsatisfying and irrational.

Yes, there is sadness in the end with the characters, but I did not see it as depressing so much as another challenge for the characters.  Without giving anything away, it opens up the chance of another kind of life, if the characters are willing to try and take it.

The real life story from which this story derives apparently ends differently, but I cannot say which one would necessarily be better given the time in history when the story is supposed take place.


That’s all and I thank you.

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