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Is she renting that accent??

I once tried (and failed) to do a “Free iTunes a week” thing here, to let people who cared know that there is occasionally free stuff on iTunes.  That lasted for a couple seconds.  Anyway, I decided “Why the blazes not give it another go?”.  I went to iTunes and walked away a broken woman.

Raggamuffin by Selah Sue made me ask the question: “Is there hope for humanity?” and “Do you know the muffin man?”.  Two questions that, I believe, if answered, could bring about the dawning of the new age.  Maybe that is what Selah will do for us, because she’s not doing anyone favors in the music industry right now.  Her beat was horrible, her lyrics offensive (in their lack of creativity), and her melody an abomination.  Fie on her.  FIE!

I refuse to link to her song.  I do have standards.


Disclaimer: I own no stocks in iTunes.  And, thank heavens, I do not associate with Selah Sue.


Oh, that’s right.



Disclaimer: I was not involved in the Olympics.  At all.  I can neither confirm nor deny any involvement in the Mars landing.

And now, a moment of silence.




You may continue your night

Men are pigs.

“Hnnnnuh?” is a good first reaction to that title.  But, that was cheap commercialism on my part to drag you in.  I apologize.

Mostly, I wanted to post this little link to this medium sized blog post about how today’s day and age and culture of "non-responsibility” is rather quickly degrading people to nothing more than their sexual organs and service to such.


In truth, I am shocked that not even the most fervent feminists and newspapers are not leaping on this OWC for their blatant abuse of the women minority.  But then, the MM and blind followers of popular fiction and fashion have never been ones to try something novel.  Like standing up for truth, justice and the American way.


Hat Tip: Fb and my friends located therein.  You know who you are.

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