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Not dead yet.

I know it’s been a while but I am coming down off a mad-cap college high.  The coming weeks, as I prep for finals, will be smattered with posts.  I promise.  Also, I know I owe a zillion and seven comparing pictures.  I know this because they are taking up room on my laptop.  Need external hard drive!


Peace out.

Don’t be stupid.


I won’t say anything about the title.  It just…is what it is…

To the book itself.  Where to begin?  Let’s start with background.  First off, because it is the middle of the semester and I do not get a lot of reading opportunities, I read every 5th chapter of this book – and so probably missed a lot of little details, but I like to think I got the premise of the story and met every character as lease once.

(If nothing else, I saw the book title, read the back cover, and saw the picture on the front.  “You have just read the book without ever seeing a page!” rang through my head like a klaxon)

Premise is, by its title, pretty basic.  If you know anything about urban fantasy stories.  “Resisting heroine is forced out of her comfort zone and grows up through the process of being placed into catastrophe after catastrophe.”  Friends and enemies ensue mad-cap-ly.

The story itself was predictable but enjoyably so.  I never felt the urge to throw the paperback across the room in anger, so thumbs up.  Parts did drag on, and that was only reading every 5th chapter!  Mostly, the details of clothing and the like got to be tedious, and I like clothes.  I find them to possess both fashion and function with equal grace.  In this book, however, I wanted a story plot not a runway display.

The writing was not bad.  It’s urban fantasy; no one is expecting Jane Austen.  But, for an urban fantasy, the writer uses more than just the usual 300 word dictionary most modern day fantasy writers depend upon.  *cue applauds*  and the sentences aren’t too long running.  Structure is solid.  And the names were brilliant.  I looooved the names of all the characters.  Some of the characters themselves (eh) but the names were so much fun!


All in all, it’s long trip reading; buy on one end of the journey and leave it for someone else on the other.  Sharing the love, saving some trees, and admitting that you probably won’t read it again until your next long trip.  I look forward to picking up and dissecting book two.

It’s the simple things in life we treasure that get us through those particular days.


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