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If it weren’t for the slow loading rate of this website, I might have read all of them but I have things to do.  There is my own list of women that I was surprised was not on this list.

Still, I laughed out loud and clapped my hands with glee when Angela Lansbury crossed the screen.


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With a range of 5 to 10 miles, 17 miles per hour top speed, and a lovely minimalistic design, the ZBoard is the coolest little summer personal vehicle project on the block here at the front end of 2012.

17 whole miles per hour!  Goodness gracious, how will people survive the ‘>wind burn?!

This board has regenerative brakes, works with sealed lead acid batteries (rechargeable, of course), and has a 24V, 400W motor. And that’s all just with the classic model…These boards have both front and rear foot pads so you can stay stable, the trucks underneath are heavy duty, as are the tires which are off-road-ready, and the whole rig has a handle for easy carrying. The bulk of the weight comes in the battery box, the motor being relatively tiny sitting in front of your back truck.

It’s still not a hover-board or a speederbike like in Star Wars.


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Despite the craftsmanship behind generations of timepieces, your classic 12-hour watch has a pretty arbitrary method to display the time. Time isn’t circular. It may have a repeating pattern, but 1 p.m. today is different to both us and the larger universe than 1 p.m. tomorrow.

How’s that for an opening?  Well, that’s only the beginning of a silly argument for making a really fun looking clock.

Although I have never been able to get into the metric system myself (I just don’t have the patience to learn a whole new system), I would totally own one of these things simply because it’s so dang cool.  Telling time on a literal linear line is clever – but mostly, the clock is cool.

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This popped up in my Flip Board the other day and I made a mental note to post about it.  And then promptly forgot.  But, I just gotta say that they do not make TV shows like they used to anymore.

As a kid, I never realized how many “famous” people made guest appearances on this show.  But, as a kid, had I realized it I probably wouldn’t have cared a jot.  Just catch the Joker, Batman!  And please just kiss Catwoman already?!

Or if the embedding doesn’t work: See it here

I am unashamedly posting about “reducing, reusing, and recycling”.  Why?  Because, as the highest form of life on the planet, when the world goes to rock-bottom we can only have ourselves to blame. 

Although I do not buy into the ideals of anti-humanism in favor of all things Earth, and over-population is a major hype (btw), the fact that the Earth is still the only habitable planet in our solar system should be enough to make us more environmentally aware.  We are the guardians for all life on Earth.  This includes the planet itself.  I think that makes us pretty hardcore.  No other animal, yes I am referring to us as animals, has the rationale to look at their lives and say “I could change my life to better myself and others.”

But it goes deeper than us all being the Earth’s superhero.  It’s about our very nature of self, if you think about it.  Aristotle did.

There are three levels of souls, as Aristotle says, that encompass all life.  Plants and the earth make up the Nutritive soul, and all animals and lesser creatures are Sensitive souls (you got that right).  We, Mankind – Humans – have the privilege of possessing the Rational soul, on top of also possessing both the Nutritive and Sensitive souls within ourselves.  We are the highest soul; we are the greatest soul on the planet.  We are greater than the planet, which depends on us for survival and in return give us the tools to survive.  It could be a perfect give-and-take relationship if we, the rational, were willing to give back, and care for, a planet so desperately dependent on us.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  It’s that easy.

Where I live, we do the usual recycling habits of tins and bottles and cereal boxes.  Like everyone does or should be doing.  On top of that, I personally make a point of not using a lot of plastic, which is not biodegradable.  Plastic water bottles are being flushed out of our household system slowly (although I admit that I will give into the weakness of being in a hurry and vender machine myself up a water bottle now and again).  I believe (not really) that plastic is some sort of alien enemy here to poison us and our planet.  Grr.  Down with aliens directly out of Doctor Who!

So, that’s my contribution to making sure I don’t lax in my human duties to mother earth.  What are yours?


Hat tip for giving me the thought:

To read up on Aristotle’s full understanding of Souls, for which I also owe a hat tip to some PHIL 320 class:


Disclaimer: I am not Aristotle, nor Marc Cohen.  I am, however, pretty dang cool.  Mostly because I worked environment, Doctor Who, Aristotle, and the University of Washington all into once post.  sadly, there was no room for Batman or the X-men.

Right? Left. Left? Right.

What side of the brain do you use?

My Score: 43% Left.  57% Right

You are more right-brained than left-brained. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. In addition to being known as right-brained, you are also known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. You retain this information through the use of images and patterns. You are able to visualize the "whole" picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the "whole" picture. Your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering. The problem-solving techniques that you use involve free association, which is often very innovative and creative. The routes taken to arrive at your conclusions are completely opposite to what a left-brained person would be accustomed.



Go get yourself categorized and generalized by a machine that cannot possibly take into account every variable of your life.  Although, I will admit that mine is creepily accurate.  At least, all my professors tell me I’m illogical and meandering on a regular basis.


I cut out the professions the AI thinks I am best suited for, because they were stupid.  ‘nuff said.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but never fear.  I’ve got a collection of contrasting pictures coming up.  Hopefully, I’ll get them up tonight.

In other news, COCO PUFFS!


Thank you.


Contrast 002   Contrast 004

Ignore the nerdiness of my bookshelf and just find the stupid differences, okay?

Contrasting not happening

No contrasting pictures today.  Busy, busy, busy.  Later


Spot the differences!

project 005  project 008


I know the pictures are small, but if you really want a close look just click on the pictures and make them bigger.  And, try to be smarter about things, ok?  Jeez.  Smile with tongue out