Re-re-rereading it.  Never gets old.  Best.  Book.  Ever.  Homer is my god.  Well, God is my god, but if I were into that type of thing, I would worship at the temple of Homer and all his epic poetic prose.  And stuff. 


Also, Battlefield: Earth is a reeeeeeally long book.  Where did L. Ron Hubbard find the time??  And it’s such tiny print!

Read The World of Jeeves.  It’s proper British hilarity.  I just finished it after reading it off and on for about 2 years (It’s that kind of book where you don’t have to read it all together but take each chapter as a story unto itself) and might add it to my list of “to-read-annually” list.


Ok, I’m done being a bad person.  Back to Japanese homework and conjugating words properly so Sensei does not shake her head pityingly in my direction anymore.  It’s not my fault, though; no one told the Japanese that dyslexic people exist!  Is that insensitive?  That felt a little insensitive.  I’m sorry, Japan.  I apologize.


No.  More.  Coffee.