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Happy Leap Year!


Happy Leap Year everyone!  Hope it is/has been an unusual and extraordinary day.



Disclaimer: I don’t own “Leap”, Norman Rockwell, or the Saturday Evening Post.  I do, however, own your attention for this brief period in time.  How’s it feel to be owned!?!


Starting this coming Sunday, I am going to start the long planned and no longer anticipated project of “spot the difference” pictures.  I know, I know.  You can barely contain your excitement.  Don’t everyone thank me at once.  Please.

In all seriousness, I’m hoping this project can last the rest of the year, even if it means taking lame pictures of lame things and getting it up here at 11:59PM for the rest of 2012.

I mean, it’s all about starting something and then finishing it, right?  Nothing about putting any effort into making it look nice and neat and fancy and cool and awesome and news-worthy and stuff.


Anyone else remember that one song with the refrain,

“Sleep!  no I never get enough; always waking up tired.  Sleep, no I never get enough – if I sleep too late I might get fired.”

Or something akin to that.  Yeah.  Story of my life right now.


What was the name of that song? 

The Iliad and rambling.

Re-re-rereading it.  Never gets old.  Best.  Book.  Ever.  Homer is my god.  Well, God is my god, but if I were into that type of thing, I would worship at the temple of Homer and all his epic poetic prose.  And stuff. 


Also, Battlefield: Earth is a reeeeeeally long book.  Where did L. Ron Hubbard find the time??  And it’s such tiny print!

Read The World of Jeeves.  It’s proper British hilarity.  I just finished it after reading it off and on for about 2 years (It’s that kind of book where you don’t have to read it all together but take each chapter as a story unto itself) and might add it to my list of “to-read-annually” list.


Ok, I’m done being a bad person.  Back to Japanese homework and conjugating words properly so Sensei does not shake her head pityingly in my direction anymore.  It’s not my fault, though; no one told the Japanese that dyslexic people exist!  Is that insensitive?  That felt a little insensitive.  I’m sorry, Japan.  I apologize.


No.  More.  Coffee.