You know what that means?  Christmas is just around the corner – literally.  It’s gonna be awesome.  Plus, I do not have to socialize with people for a few weeks (always a plus in my books) and I can finally finish my reading list before the year is out.  10 books in three weeks?  No problem, right?

The new year should be good.  Isn’t it when the world is supposed to end or something?  I’m up for that.  It means I won’t have to finish that part of my wall that needs sanding and repainting.  I mean, if we’re all going to be dead and dust in, like, six or eight months, what’s the point?  Thank you very much!  Haha!


Ok, I am uber-tired from studying since I woke up.  I gotta take a break before I start seeing flying pigs, or worse: an intelligent human being ::: gasp! :::


Peace out.