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Thanksgiving Night

photo     This is how I like to wrap up my Thanksgiving nights – homework, coffee, pie(s), and a whole room to myself.  If adding in sound effects was an option, I would have Sherlock playing in the background, cause that’s what my family is watching in the next room.  Oh Benedict Cumberbatch, you crazy kid.


Thanksgiving break

So, yeah.  All those plans to blog over the Summer and Fall semester kinda fell through the cracks, didn’t they?  Oops Embarrassed smile.

All is not lost, though!  I am on Thanksgiving break, which means I can actually study for my classes for the first time since the beginning of the semester.  Sooooo excited about that.


Finally finished my room – so now it looks like an actual room which is inhabited by an actual person.  Jazzed about that.  All that is left is the final spackling and painting of one part of the wall where the second door used to be and then the ceremonial display of my thousands of posters.  I just hope I have enough wall space. 

When I get a moment, I’ll do a quick “before & after” picture of the final section waiting to be done.  For those of you who don’t know – which is probably everyone in life – my room has been in a continuous state of half-lived-in for about a year now as I adjust to not moving every 12 months.  It’s a strange sensation knowing I’m going to be in one place for a bit.  Anyway, I have been adverse to hanging up pictures and decorating it but I think we can say we are stuck here for a while.  Thumbs up


Anyway, I am considering an accent wall in my room, but I don’t know what kind of accent it should be.  Solid color, crazy designs, pastel or bold, or whatever.  I have to think this over carefully.  Because if I mess it up, I might never live it down with family members and friends(?).


If all goes well, the “before & after” picture of my room will be the first installment of my spot the difference game that I promised peeps over the Summer, and failed to deliver upon.  My bad.


Anyway, there are textbooks that are calling my name (slightly creepy) and tests that need to be prepped to fail.  I will post more later when something actually happens.  Like an earthquake or an invasion of aliens, or a massive bank robbery, or an A on an exam.  But let’s not get carried away here by our imaginations.



Go do something productive, for once in your forsaken lives.  Please.