If you have not read Richard Armour, then stop reading this post and do edumacate yourself.  I cannot have barbarians reading this blog and giving me a bad name.

The man is a friggin’ genius.  Taking history and making it funny, one has to be, doesn’t one?  Although Armour does not completely destroy the point behind reading about dead people and their their silly mistakes (namely, to either learn from them or repeat them), he can take you out of how “dreadful” it all seems and let the readers realize how pathetically hilarious everything in life can be.

From Marx’s “humble” beginnings to his theories of life in their full power around the globe, Armour gives the reader a pretty comprehensive step-by-step of how Marx, and Marxism, rose to their theatrical power amongst the peoples.  Although Armour is not out to make a point, he sees no reason not to laugh at everybody, and so that’s exactly what he does.

A man after my own heart, with probably more fondness of the human race than I shall ever hold in my soul, Armour is witty and quick – the books can be done in a night if one doesn’t worry about seeming to be “pondering” every single sentence.  Like a lunatic.

Go make yourselves smarter.  Then maybe you’ll become sentient enough to read as a blip on my radar.

Editor’s Note: I in no way agree or follow the path of Marx’s teaching or ideals.  Thank you for reminding me to clarify, rogueoperator