I haven’t finished it, but I am about halfway through and, despite the fact that I have no understanding of the obvious background going on with the story, I am enjoying the writers’ style, and the reader’s ability to make that style clear. 

His, the reader’s, voice for women, and whining teenagers, can be hair-tugging at times, but for the most part he reads well.

The story with a background, like I said I have no connection of understanding, seems to wrap around the overly-used and commonly common notion that there is a good and a bad, a dark and a light, a jedi and a sith, and the two must always balance each other out in the spectrum of the universe, or we’ll all perish in a coming of apocalypse the likes that 2012 could never reenact.

Basically, though, the story goes like this: 

“Man decides that to save the dragon he loves, he must bring evil to world.  Enter meddling kids.  Meddling kids have superpowers.  These superpowers negate the need to tell any adult of the danger.  Meddling kids make improbable conclusion that only they can save the world.  Chaos and needless death of thousands ensue.”

And that’s where I am right now.  More to come, but I just had to get this out there.  Like that itch you just gotta scratch; I had to mock this book a little bit before I finished it.


As an aside, I recently realized (thanks to a cousin of mine) that my knowledge of the scifi/fantasy world of books is seriously out of date.  We’re talking Windows XP while everyone else has got W7 Ultimate.  So, I’ve set on a mission to update myself, while retaining my personal promise to not read anymore books that I actually desire to burn for heresy, blasphemy, and poor grammar.

If anyone who reads, or comes across, this blog knows anything of modern day scifi/fantasy books that are worth my precious time, please drop their title and the name of the writer (because people who write fiction are not authors), I would be much obliged.

That doesn’t mean I would suddenly like you; I still hate you all.  But I would hate you in an obliged manner.