Yeah, yeah – I know it’s been a while since I posted.  Gads, life has been overly busy.  My first order as queen of the world will to demand all work and toil and socializing to end at 5:00pm exactly, so that people can do other more important things.  Like sleep and eat and such.


Anyway, what has been going on?  Nothing.  I have, however, as the title of this post might suggest, read a book or so.  I’ll do the “or so” in their own posts, just to be fair and balanced with all of the books.

Daughter of Time – a mystery by Josephine Tey – is such an easy read that not even the detective and hero ever left the confines of a hospital bed in order to solve the case.  “What case?” you might be thinking, as this point completely confused and befuddled and bewildering and in between.  The case of “who was Richard III and why was he so evil?”

The hero of the book, whose name now escapes me, is a reader of faces.  When he sees the face of Richard III, he decides that the man that stares back can’t be as evil as history makes him to believe.  So, the hero sets out on a historical adventure(?) to uncover the real man behind the mask.  Without giving anything away to those who never read beyond what the conventional – and boringly clichéd – history tell them, the ending is pretty predicable from the outgo.

The book itself was short – I read it in a week, given that I had to read it in between classes and work – with big print, which made the story itself shorter.  Quick to read, Tey is no master of pen and paper, but she writes a cute mystery for the casual skimmer of pages.  I would recommend it for lite bus rides reading we all like to think we do.