Yes, I read religious stuff.  Yes, I am of a religion.  Yes, that makes me totally better than most of you.  No, that doesn’t mean I understand a word in this book.

But, Benny is still a wizard with words.  Pope Benedict XVI (Benny to his close friends) writes about finding hope – by finding God – in one of his early works published after rising to the see of Peter. 

I won’t wax poetical, or try to pretend that I can explain with as much word magic as the Pope can, but I will say that “Saved in Hope” was my favorite religious writing when I first read it, and remains my favorite religious reading today.  I’ve skimmed, flipped, (not dog-eared because that’s wrong) bookmarked, copied down on 3×5 cards, and generally tried to live memorize this work.

It’s religious, it’s spiritual, it’s uplifting, it’s God.


Oh, and I still hate bipeds.  Thanks for nothing, Trebek.