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I want to do a project for the summer.  I know it’s not 365 days, but we can work something out.


We have a few options that I’m willing to consider, although I’m open to appropriate suggestions (nothing obscene, peeps, kids might be watching this!)

1. a new piece of home-made jewelry everyday.  This would include instructions and material list attached.

2. a new picture of (insert something) everyday. (ie. nature, peoples, whatever)

3. a new quote from someone everyday.  doesn’t have to be a famous person, but that would be up to the readers.

4. a movie clip.  Youtube, natch.

5. a hide-and-seek game.  (I would take 2 pictures of the same area, but something would be slightly different in one of the pictures.  it would be up to you to find out what).

6. absolutely nothing.  leave the website blank for 3 months, which wouldn’t be hard for me considering how bangup I’ve been about using it this spring semester.


K, for whomever might come across this website, please toss a vote in for any of the 6 options, or comment suggest an idea of your own.


have a good one.


A lack of Security

As a heads-up for anyone who still comes to this blog on a regular basis.  If you have a Facebook account, you should know the following:

FB changed & failed to let us know about it AGAIN.

FaceBook has automatically set your browsing security to a the non-secure setting!

Go onto your facebook and check your URL address (the top box on your screen).  If you see "http" intsead of "https" you DO NOT have a secure session and you can be HACKED.


How to fix this idiocy:

Go to Account Settings –> Account Security –> click Change.  Check the secure browsing box, and click Save.  Check your URL after this and check to make sure it works. 


As a point of practice, I recommend anyone who reads this and uses facebook to, from now on, always check the URL when they login to fb.  If the URL says https then you’re good to do your fb thing.  However, if it’s http, then repeat the above instructions, log off and try again.

Pass this on; blog about it; make it your fb status; start a chain of annoyance.  That’s why we have the freedom of the internet; to protest stupidity that puts us all at digital risk.

Earth Day 015

Happy Earth Day!