I don’t know how many people have been following the tragedy in Japan this week or how diligently.  I know that, with work and school, I’ve only been able to keep a cursory eye on the news as it comes down the wire.


But, I do want to give a shout out to the Japanese, whether actually in Japan or elsewhere, and their seemingly endless spirit in all this difficultly.  Foxnews has got a good collection of reports on the search and rescue work going on over there now.  Also the radiation scare, which apparently isn’t as bad as the media is making it out to be, but is escalating and could become bad.


There are a few websites setting up support and fund raisers for the Japanese people.


Rundown of Japanese Tragedy:

March 11 – 0546 GMT: Earthquake at a scale of 9.0 causes a tsunami along Japanese eastern shores.

March 12 – Japanese Government begins the mobilizing of their “search and rescue” plan.  US, UK, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand begin sending out troops to aid in search and rescue.  A Fukushima nuclear plant suffers an explosion, but reactor is announced as secure.

Total death toll:  approx. 1,300

March 13 – More issues at nuclear plant as operations containing reactor give difficulty.  Government doubles its search and rescue efforts as Prime Minister calls for the Japanese people to “keep strong and carry on”

March 14 – Another explosion occurs at the Fukushima nuclear plan.  Japan’s allies work to aid in staffing hospitals in worst-hit areas.

March 15 – High levels of radiation escape the Fukushima plant after another explosion.  People in the area are advised to stay indoors until problem is contained.  US aids to extinguish fires at plant.

Total death toll: approx. 12,000+ (feared)


Prayers need to go out to the Fukushima 50, employees at the plant that will be staying onsite to do their best to prevent further meltdowns in the remaining reactors.