Aren’t Sundays supposed to be a day of rest?  Ah, well.

On the "to-do" list:

Japanese: HW 2 pages of written word, quiz prep about body parts (heehee), and about 30mins of listen/repeat.

Government: 31 more pages to skim, 1 paper to write on "war paradigm" and the three levels of analysis.

Biology: Protista "phylum word root meaning/definitions" to be finished.

Music: listen to 3 pieces of music, write 3 papers on them, respectively.  Still waiting for the textbook to arrive (thank YOU so I can’t do the writing until I get a chance to get to the library and borrow their copy on hold.

Economics: Section 2 due by end of week, 2 papers, 3 discussion posts, 1 test.


…yeah, I’m gonna need coffee…and a good netflix playing in the background while I pretend to be studious.