Another Terry Pratchett masterpiece (in my opinion) and kinda apropos, considering I started it around Christmastime.  Yes, I admit that I watched the movie first, but that was before I realized the genius of Pratchett’s books.   Hogfather is a lot of fun, mostly because of all the Christmas and Seasonal jokes that take place.

I concede that it was probably, as books go, a dozen pages too long and the ending itself – the very, very ending – was a tad dragging.  Still, Death is hilarious as always and remains my favorite character (is it a problem when one best connects to the most anti-social and socially awkward “person” in the book that isn’t really a person, but an anthropomorphic personification ??).

Fun read, fun plot, fun characters and fun sidetracks.  Again, the narration alone makes the book worth while and I do not think it requires a great amount of intelligence to find it amusing.  Just a sense of humor that’s tinted with the wrong kinda colors.