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Sunday?!??!? What, already!?!?

Aren’t Sundays supposed to be a day of rest?  Ah, well.

On the "to-do" list:

Japanese: HW 2 pages of written word, quiz prep about body parts (heehee), and about 30mins of listen/repeat.

Government: 31 more pages to skim, 1 paper to write on "war paradigm" and the three levels of analysis.

Biology: Protista "phylum word root meaning/definitions" to be finished.

Music: listen to 3 pieces of music, write 3 papers on them, respectively.  Still waiting for the textbook to arrive (thank YOU so I can’t do the writing until I get a chance to get to the library and borrow their copy on hold.

Economics: Section 2 due by end of week, 2 papers, 3 discussion posts, 1 test.


…yeah, I’m gonna need coffee…and a good netflix playing in the background while I pretend to be studious.


Book Corner: Mort

The fourth book in the Discworld series, created by Terry Pratchett (sick of him yet?) it was definitely better than Equal Rites in the sense that it felt more like a story and less like a written walk through the park. 

Mort was an interesting read, simply because I started out by reading it, stopped and decided to listen to the BOT instead, then found out 3/5 into the story that the CDs were so scratched up that I couldn’t continue, so I went back to reading it. 

From manual to automatic to manual again, I suppose.

The general story revolves around my favorite character, Death, a lot more, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I found the ending a little contradictory at some points.  Nothing going against my moral fibers, both real or imaginary, but it was confusing with the last parts what was actually happening and who was who, and why.  I guess that was the point, wasn’t it?

Character development was contrived, but what character development isn’t?  Dialog was good and scenes make me laugh out loud in that embarrassed way a person does when they’re sitting alone on the couch and suddenly read something funny and cannot contain a burst of chuckles.

Yes, the book has made me pumped about reading book five, as soon as I can get over to the library.

Another Terry Pratchett masterpiece (in my opinion) and kinda apropos, considering I started it around Christmastime.  Yes, I admit that I watched the movie first, but that was before I realized the genius of Pratchett’s books.   Hogfather is a lot of fun, mostly because of all the Christmas and Seasonal jokes that take place.

I concede that it was probably, as books go, a dozen pages too long and the ending itself – the very, very ending – was a tad dragging.  Still, Death is hilarious as always and remains my favorite character (is it a problem when one best connects to the most anti-social and socially awkward “person” in the book that isn’t really a person, but an anthropomorphic personification ??).

Fun read, fun plot, fun characters and fun sidetracks.  Again, the narration alone makes the book worth while and I do not think it requires a great amount of intelligence to find it amusing.  Just a sense of humor that’s tinted with the wrong kinda colors.