I’m not a political person by nature.  This is not something I boast, I’m just not clever enough to know when to use all that useful information I have.  However, I think that now and then it’s good to give a shout out to the people who make our political openness a reality.

Namely: Rush Limbaugh!!!

Before you click away, for whatever your political reasons, just come on and read a bit more.  This is a personal bit of me you won’t get too often – and why else are you visiting my blog if not to know everything about me…?

Dash back about 20- years ago: My father was working out in the garage, listening to the radio, when he came into my mother and said “Honey, you really should listen to this guy; you’d really like him.  He says all things we say all the time.”  My mother, always the political firebrand, had practically outlawed talk radio in our house because of its rather offensive attack on people who didn’t conform to the MSM.  However, she gave Rush a chance and instantly he was a household name for us.  I grew up on this man’s genius – I even remember watching his half hour show in the early 90’s for a time, when we had cable.  Between the hours of about noon until mid afternoon, he was always on, somewhere in the house.

Now, I know a lot of people of my generation (you know who you are) think the man is radical and you’ve probably been convinced by the “new” MSM that he’s too old-school crazy for us and doesn’t address the “real modern day issues” anymore.  Fine, whatever.  If you’ve been brainwashed by the MSM ONCE MORE, just like your parents back in the day (ooo, didn’t see that one coming, did ya?) then you go and become another “conservative” zombie: just out to be validated.

However, if you still have two brain cells to rub together, then stop and think about this: If it wasn’t for Rush’s out-spoken attack (yes, I mean attack: just as they attack us every single day with their name-calling) on the liberal party, who had been doing a damn good job making conservatives feel like they were odd man out, we would not even have the balls to think of him as radical.  Why?  Because we wouldn’t have any form of conservative party in this country to call radical or moderate, or fake.  The “fake conservative” shout-out goes to all those loonies who only are conservative when it suits them.  All or nothing, morons!

Today, Rush no longer has to shout into the darkness – against the evil Empire of liberal parties and their never-ending supply of TIE fighter MSM reporters – and tell us to come into the light.  However, he does remind us, now and then, that conservative means taking a stand against a world that demands conformity to the point of everyone wearing the same foil bunny suits (think Star Trek here, people).  He’s no fool; he remembers and he knows just how easy it is to fall prey to being told that “all the smart kids are doing it." 

It’s not cool to make fun of the one person who’s responsible for you having no fear to speak your mind.  Real conservatives must fight every. single. day. to keep the foothold we’ve managed to take.  Real conservatives don’t fall down into the cesspool of liberal crazy; they know the difference between taking care of business, and being taken care of.  They understand that Totalitarianism is not dead, it’s just called “liberal” and they know who to thank for that knowledge.

So, before you go conforming and saying that Rush is an old so-and-so, stop thinking with your popularity chart and start thinking with your head again; know the difference between radicalism and a man who’s just having more fun than a normal human being should.


Mega-dittos, Rush.


Edit: Did anyone notice how I managed to get both Star Trek and Star Wars in this post?!  I’m amazing.