So, I must always have some book series to start and never finish.  I picked up the Dorothy L. Sayers’ collection of Lord Peter Wimsey collection.  The first book, Whose Body?, was – to be frank – a bit of a let down.  then again, I wasn’t really paying attention to most of the story because the reader’s voice adaptations were slowly driving me up the wall.

From what I can remember of the structure of the writing itself, Sayers is good with the descriptive in that she explains through mostly analogs and metaphors that re very British and often times amusing.  The time period in which the book takes place, right after WW1 and before WW2, is perhaps one of the most interesting time periods in the world.  Everything was essentially in disarray and everyone was simply living as if they knew another end was near.  Dada (or anti-art), communism, and anti-everything traditional spread like wildfire pretty much everywhere in Europe.  In America, economy was booming with success, not realizing they were in for a bit of a downfall.

All of this is merely background to a story about the murder of a John Doe, and the disappearance of Sir Reuben Levywho was first thought to be the body in the tub, wearing nothing but a pince-nez, and the character that is Lord Peter Wimsey – the gentlemen detective.  Read it – it’s good old fashioned dime detective deserts.