Leverage has been renewed for a fourth season!


Okay, yes season three has not been the best of shakes, but when you get this much eye candy on the screen, it’s not all about the plot, is it?  Let’s be honest now.


Also, I am not a big Lost fan (I simply just can’t get that invested in something that requires so much, well, investment.  I can watch the occasional season but not for prolonged periods of time.  I do everything via Hulu, for pete’s sake!).  However, I did watch the finale with my brother and was thoroughly impressed and confused and delighted.

Mostly, though, I thought this was pretty cool of the creative writers to do.


Disclaimer: Don’t own/belong to Leverage, Lost, TNT, or ABC.  Thank you and good night.


P.S. I have not forgotten about the tattoos; school is keeping me busy until dark, when lighting isn’t very good for pictures.  Never fear, the weekend is fast approaching!