Okay…where to begin?


First off, I saw this movie in theaters when it first came out in the middle-late 90’s.  But after watching it, I only had nine year old memories of the movie and I vaguely knew that Leann Rimes sang one of the songs from it on one of her early CD’s – when CD’s were still a novelty.  (Did I just expose my agedness?).  But other than that, I remembered nothing about the movie and couldn’t even recall the name.  It was just an outing with my eldest sister that made my year because I felt so adult and special and it was like our thing that we saw this movie together.

Well, all that said, imagine my blast to the past surprise and excitement when I stumbled across this movie on Netflix in their “Because you subjected yourself to this crap, you might like___” section.

…Sadly…”Quest for Camelot” was not all my much older and critical mind expected it to be and maybe it was a good thing that I forgot the name of the movie for so long.

The songs were not catchy or clever, the constant homoerotism between the two headed dragon heads shocked me for a 90’s movie made for kids, and the plot only beat out the voice acting in utter disaster by a small margin.

I’m glad I finally saw it again and can see it for what it was; a horribly made Warner Bros’ movie during their pathetically trite period.  But I’m also glad that it did not ruin the memory of hanging out with my sister TOO much.  I mean, come on – who goes to the movies with family to enjoy a good movie?  It’s all about the bad ones so you have something to talk about on the drive home.


One thing people might find interesting.  You know that song that Josh Groban sings, “The Prayer” or something?  Originally from this movie and sung by a chick.  Bam!


Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Wiki, the Groban and the Rimes do not belong to me,