Recently, I watched a Japanese movie and since i haven’t done a movie review in a while I figure I can review the movie.

The Great Yokai War was entertaining (I guess) and visually stunning (I suppose) and had an interesting plot line (I think).  It would have helped had I been able to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie, during which I must assume they made the entire case for the movie and did not refer back to it for the rest of the two hour long film.

So, I jumped about as I found scenes that actually played and scenes where I wasn’t staring at a jumpy screen for 5-10 minutes.

Still, I learned some things about Japanese folklore I did not know before.  Not because I watched the movie, but because I had to wiki most of the things they were talking about just to understand what was going on.

All in all, the original vocals are much better than the dubbed (which I watched for two minutes before realizing it was dubbed) version – which was like listening to a movie put to Pokemon soundtracks.  All the actors (presumably) are famous Japanese actors and went on to have normal acting lives, whatever that means.  I wouldn’t know, since I can’t read much Japanese and don’t have the stamina to read about actors.

Anyway, the film was cute(?) and had some stop-action animation scenes.  I enjoyed the lack of CGI, which gave the film a more natural feel to it, since the actors were acting to an object they could actually see and not at an invisible spot in the air which was suppose to represent a thing (See: Star Wars I, II, III)

The story, from what I could understand, had potential but not enough background for people who are not Japanese and therefore do not understand folklore.  This is to be expected, since it is a Japanese movie for Japanese audiences, and in American films we rarely explain references to Revolutionary war heroes, or the war of the states, or West Virginia.


I enjoyed it more than the Twilight movie…not that that is saying much…