Jeez, where to start?  First off, sorry about the lateness of this.  Things going on.


Let’s start with the worst and move from there, okay?

Starting off, we have – well, I’m not entirely sure what it is supposed to be but I can tell you what it came across as: hilarious.  Gerardo Ortiz’s song “A La Moda” had me cocking my head to one side with a single eyebrow raised, scratching my brain in hopes of enlightenment.  Nothing came.  The music sounds like something from an American mockery of Mexican music and style; a disappointment all around.

Next, the Rescues who – very frankly – need to be saved from their drab, fairly commonplace beat and style in the song “Break Me Out”.  I’ve heard this before with more interesting lyrics.  With that said, I sometimes enjoy this type of song.  The biggest problem?  Not enough accents in the melody.  Perhaps had they played around with octaves a bit more the song might have stuck in my head a little longer than two seconds.

Lastly, the song that actually had me listening with both ears was Beckah Shae’s song “Life.”  The beat (R&B/Hip-hop) is not necessarily a song collection I have in abundance, not because I am against the style of music but I don’t always enjoy the tone and melodies (if Hip-hop can be said to have melodies).  But, I liked this song enough to download it.  Oh yeah, and the Christian message was totally in it’s favor.  I really do try to give those God fearing people a chance.


And that’s all.  Like I said, I don’t do videos but it might be worth it to some people to waste computer and ipod space on such things.  Who can say?