It’s been over a month since my last tattoo showing.  Knowing this, I did a bit of calculating and, if I calculated correctly and I like to think that I did, I owe ya’all 43 tattoos.

Without further ado (and without any more delay) I give you 43 tattoos!

365 Tattoos D98

A Bird

365 Tattoos D99-121

23 Hearts

365 Tattoos D122-132

The Back

 365 Tattoos D133-140

The Front

A conglomeration of creatures and hippy, and astrological, symbols with a Christian underlay.  I thought it was all very poetic in a “slapped together before the number of tattoos keeps rising” sort of way.  Tomorrow, let us hope we’re all on track for the rest of the year and in our hearts knowing such a thing is impossible.