Josh Ritter’s song Change of Time is alright.  Intriguing lines but the music doesn’t grab me like it could. 3 out of 5

Nikki Yanofsky sings a passable song called Cool My Heels which is all about…something or other.  I personally probably won’t keep it, if I decide to download it but I’m sure there are some people who will find it Summer-y and kinda groovy.

Let’s see if I can pronounce this properly.  Cancion de la Semana might consider shortening her name.  However, her song, the lyrics of which I cannot understand, has a beat to it that I really, really like.  Muerdete la Lengua (which sounds like “the murder of the lasagna”) is fun and raspy and the kind of stuff I can enjoy at a stoplight, volume turned up loud enough to annoy the old guy sitting in the car next to me.


Yes, I am back.  With my complete and utter disregard of the heart and soul that most of these singers put into their work.  I do not care if the world loves their stuff, if it does not suit me I’ll let you know.  Please, I enjoy other comments.  Who knows, you might just change my mind about a song or film.