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365 Tattoos

Anne's Wedding 041


Anne's Wedding 036

I *think* it says “(something) of the world”

Just insert whatever you want in the (__) area


It’s been over a month since my last tattoo showing.  Knowing this, I did a bit of calculating and, if I calculated correctly and I like to think that I did, I owe ya’all 43 tattoos.

Without further ado (and without any more delay) I give you 43 tattoos!

365 Tattoos D98

A Bird

365 Tattoos D99-121

23 Hearts

365 Tattoos D122-132

The Back

 365 Tattoos D133-140

The Front

A conglomeration of creatures and hippy, and astrological, symbols with a Christian underlay.  I thought it was all very poetic in a “slapped together before the number of tattoos keeps rising” sort of way.  Tomorrow, let us hope we’re all on track for the rest of the year and in our hearts knowing such a thing is impossible.

Free iTunes

Okay.  It’s been a while but I have not forgotten.  Here is a quick list/opinions of songs currently offered for free on iTunes.  Try them out, explore and compare; prove me wrong if you dare.

First up is a 40 song in total sampler.  One from Urban Outfitters, which looks pretty good.  It’s international music, which can sometimes hold diamonds amongst all that coal.  I haven’t listened to all the songs yet but so far I’m not terribly disappointed. 

The second part of the first set is 15 songs from Facebook through the iTunes fan page.  (Editor’s Note: You must “Like” the itunes page in order to take advantage of this deal).  I myself am a fan, but Latin music (eh) is not that great shakes in my opinion, so I am still juggling as to whether or not I want this taking up space on my hard drive.

Another collection of songs, this time from American Songwriter, looks to be (again) mostly country.  Is it just me or is Country and International the only two genres that willingly give away their music and talent in order to become known / maintain their popularity?  I’m not complaining but I thought it worth mentioning.  Is it that other genres are “too good” to give away free music on a regular basis, or have they just not caught on to this “getting out among the public” marketing gimmick…

Onto the singles.

Colores Colores Colores by Cancion de la Semana was not mind blowing in any sense of the word.  In fact, it felt a bit like it was missing something.  Say, a passable beat.  but I’m sure the song has great sentiment.  I got the song simply to practice my language skills.  If it does not serve its purpose I’m deleting it.

OW! OW! OW! The song "Catch Me If You Can” by Outasight was painful to the nth degree.  I couldn’t pin it down to any one thing.  Maybe it was the pathetic lyrics, or the nails-on-a-chalkboard vocals, or the beat from hell, or the accompaniment of the damned.  Either way this song must be avoided at all costs, simply for the sake of Mankind to continue on its path to enlightenment.

Next up we have The Expendables and their song “Well.”  Perhaps the name of this band speaks for itself.  Their music, albeit not as devastatingly painful as Outasight, is still nothing for which to bother wasting your memory space.  It’s bland, the lyrics are nothing clever and the overall feel is blah.  Something to fall asleep to while you pretend to be deep and full of sentiment.

Free itunes

Josh Ritter’s song Change of Time is alright.  Intriguing lines but the music doesn’t grab me like it could. 3 out of 5

Nikki Yanofsky sings a passable song called Cool My Heels which is all about…something or other.  I personally probably won’t keep it, if I decide to download it but I’m sure there are some people who will find it Summer-y and kinda groovy.

Let’s see if I can pronounce this properly.  Cancion de la Semana might consider shortening her name.  However, her song, the lyrics of which I cannot understand, has a beat to it that I really, really like.  Muerdete la Lengua (which sounds like “the murder of the lasagna”) is fun and raspy and the kind of stuff I can enjoy at a stoplight, volume turned up loud enough to annoy the old guy sitting in the car next to me.


Yes, I am back.  With my complete and utter disregard of the heart and soul that most of these singers put into their work.  I do not care if the world loves their stuff, if it does not suit me I’ll let you know.  Please, I enjoy other comments.  Who knows, you might just change my mind about a song or film.

Celebrate good time, come on!



And the semester is o’er!  Now I have all the time in the world to do all…the…work…I’ve been putting off…because of…classes.




Editor note: Picture courtesy of Microsoft Office 2007.

Economics Exam

College Studies Exam

Statistics Exam

Speech Exam

History Exam

That’s right!  Only one more exam and then you guys will be stuck with me for the entire Summer!  Barring death, summer work, travel, and the occasional monsoon.