I don’t watch Smallville.  I just got into that cultural phenomenon a little too late with my Stargate and Andromeda taking up all of my TV time. Plus, every Smallville disc that I rent from the library is so damaged I can only assume they were not primarily used for watching Smallville.  Perhaps the were doubling as wash cloths or maybe post-it notes.  Either way, some of the scratches are deeper than the grand canyon.  So, I’m waiting for the seasons to simply fall into my lap, cheap and easy. 


However, because I have watched Smallville clips in the past on Youtube, it recommended this clip from a recent episode to me and I nearly died with mental laughter.


Aaand because I can’t embed this clip, you’ll have to deal with being taken to another webpage in order to watch it.  I could go on for hours on the matter of if you post a video on the internet, it ceases to be yours and become public domain unless you clarify that you *own* it directly and how banning embedding and sharing only makes you a public enemy, which leaves you open to any verbal and physical attack that might ensue because of your inability to share like the rest of humanity which is probably why we have so many wars in this world, thank you very much.  But I won’t rant today.  I have way too much studying for exams to talk about such petty things.  0_-


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