First:  Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club was a UK version of any Jason Mraz song without the fun guitar play and none of the listening ease.  With that said, the mood of the fun is light and the beat is not unbearable.  Meh, 2.5 of 5.

Second:  NewWorldSon’s song, There Is a Way was a nice song and the lyrics were touching.  Of course, like every song I review, I found something wrong.  It is a typical Christian/rock song where it is all about finding yourself and the “rock” music is not so much rock as it is pop.  Not head nodding in any sense of the word – but I can promise it would sound good on a piano solo.

Third: It’s another collection of songs!  Woot.  These are always fun, if tedious to wade through, but I did my best.  Country is not my favorite, but the only thing I reject without consideration is vulgar rap music.  But that is neither here nor there.  I would go through each and every song, but that takes away from the pleasure of you doing it yourself.


So, go and get free music and make your own opinions in life for a change.