That time of year when parents are playing pranks on their young kids, college students are getting revenge on their parents, and children  are using the opportunity to be brats without getting into trouble.  Why?  Because it is April Fool’s Day: when everyone can be totally off the wire without fear of being fired disowned or hated for life – just whip out that old “April Fools!" and it all goes away.


But enough of that.  Here is a list of the top 100 April Fool’s jokes pulled around the world.  The fun part is finding the ones I was alive to experience myself.  The Pi joke of 1998 was infamous with some of my friends and family members, I recall.


Oh, and my blog is closing down the start of the Summer…guess what?…Yeah…I suck at this whole thing, don’t I?



Happy Friggin’ Fool’s Day, America.