Fairly interesting pickings this week, if nothing else.

First song, I did not like.  Maybe because I don’t like all those G-major and G-minor songs done over and over again.  But Daniel Hope’s Chaconne in G Major was kinda boring.

The second one by Jorge Drexler was not as bad as first I thought.  Being in a different language and culture, therefore the style of music will be inevitably different, but I liked it enough to download it.  Una Cancion Me Trajo Hasta Aqui was just so relaxing to listen to.

The third and final song, perhaps, was the most “modern” by some band called Paper Tongues.  Not the cleverest of band names, but there you go.  No one ever tells these people different.  The song itself is nothing special – no hidden gem this week – but its catchy (sorta) and they have nice voices (kinda) I’m still deciding if I want Trinity or not.