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I don’t watch Smallville.  I just got into that cultural phenomenon a little too late with my Stargate and Andromeda taking up all of my TV time. Plus, every Smallville disc that I rent from the library is so damaged I can only assume they were not primarily used for watching Smallville.  Perhaps the were doubling as wash cloths or maybe post-it notes.  Either way, some of the scratches are deeper than the grand canyon.  So, I’m waiting for the seasons to simply fall into my lap, cheap and easy. 


However, because I have watched Smallville clips in the past on Youtube, it recommended this clip from a recent episode to me and I nearly died with mental laughter.


Aaand because I can’t embed this clip, you’ll have to deal with being taken to another webpage in order to watch it.  I could go on for hours on the matter of if you post a video on the internet, it ceases to be yours and become public domain unless you clarify that you *own* it directly and how banning embedding and sharing only makes you a public enemy, which leaves you open to any verbal and physical attack that might ensue because of your inability to share like the rest of humanity which is probably why we have so many wars in this world, thank you very much.  But I won’t rant today.  I have way too much studying for exams to talk about such petty things.  0_-


Go here


Hey all!  Sorry about the posts, or lack there of.  With finals just (literally) around the proverbial corner, I have been putting many things aside to make sure I don’t fail anything.  Come the day after May 3rd, my body is going to be *coated* in fake tattoos.  It’s gonna be great.


Anyways, a friend of mine has a project going on at his school and asks that I make a pitch in my usual ranting style.  I don’t know what this project is, but they totally could have had a more zesty logo going for them.  That’s all I’m saying (sorry, N, no hard feelings!) 

The Facebook link, where you can “like” the website – because we’ve all apparently grown passed the “fan” thing – you can also learn a bit about the project.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, might I suggest that you join the 21st century at your earliest convenience.

The actual website itself is fairly decent looking, if a little lacking in dark punk colors.  After the FB logo they have up, I was expecting more reds and glowing silvers but hey, who am I to judge?  (oh, wait.)  They are also on Twitter.  So, supposedly, it is officially something to join.  I mean, come on if you’re own twitter you’re like a little celebrity, only with fewer anti-depressant medications.

From what I can understand, VidSounds can tell you the name of any song that you might hear on a show or movie or whatever.  Remember that one song they played in the first “Sky Captain” trailer?  That has a name and was first owned by StarGate (but I learned that on my own, not from VidSounds)  be that as it may, check out the site.  You just might find that song you’ve been trying to name all your life.  Or you might just have a little fun messing around with a website that claims to have all the answers.


Now go out and be personable before we revoke your license to be human.



Disclaimer: The only thing I own in this entire post is my amazing wit and natural distaste for greasy cheese fries.  Oh, and the disclaimer.

Haha! Brilliant



Hat Tip to the craziest batch of gorgeous ladies on the planet.



They’re right.  Totally a better ending. ^_^

Check out these other hilarious videos.

EDIT:  I did not make these films nor do I own any part of them.  I just like taking other people’s work and showing it to other other people.  ^_^

iTunes of the Week

First:  Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club was a UK version of any Jason Mraz song without the fun guitar play and none of the listening ease.  With that said, the mood of the fun is light and the beat is not unbearable.  Meh, 2.5 of 5.

Second:  NewWorldSon’s song, There Is a Way was a nice song and the lyrics were touching.  Of course, like every song I review, I found something wrong.  It is a typical Christian/rock song where it is all about finding yourself and the “rock” music is not so much rock as it is pop.  Not head nodding in any sense of the word – but I can promise it would sound good on a piano solo.

Third: It’s another collection of songs!  Woot.  These are always fun, if tedious to wade through, but I did my best.  Country is not my favorite, but the only thing I reject without consideration is vulgar rap music.  But that is neither here nor there.  I would go through each and every song, but that takes away from the pleasure of you doing it yourself.


So, go and get free music and make your own opinions in life for a change.

Well, I could’a told him *that*


Star Wars Creator George Lucas Says Raising Taxes on People Making Over $250,000 Won’t Help Economy.

It would appear that he finally came back from that galaxy far, far away long enough to see that enabling an narcissist with dreams of becoming god has consequences.

The highly successful movie-maker further said that President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on people making $250,000 or more a year will not help the economy

Well, duh.

“No. You know, the problem is very intricate. It really has to do with bad mortgages,” said Lucas. “Until they solve the problem with bad mortgages and toxic funds, they are not going to solve anything. So, they can do whatever they want, but basically, this is a problem that was created in the last eight years, and it’s not going to go away overnight.
“If I were in charge, I’d have them buy up the toxic waste,” he said. “You know, just like we did back when the savings and loans fiasco happened.”

Well, maybe you should run for president, Lucas.  Become the first presidential chinless wonder.



Oh, btw.  I’m baaaack!

Not Dead Yet!

Bear with me people.  My computer is down for the count and currently on the operating table of life.  Hopefully, it will be back in working order by the end of this week.  I did not forget I have this website, but the camera I use for my tattoos and most of the material I post about is on my computer and not on the computers/laptops I have been stealing from others.

I do truly miss my computer.  My desk looks lonely and naked.

365 Tattoos 3-in-1 (again!!)

365 Tattoos D95

Happy Easter!

365 Tattoos D96


365 Tattoos D97

And I’ve got nothing for this.  It’s a heart on fire, end of story.

365 Tattoos (3-in-1 deal!)

365 Tattoos D92

On the foot, as we can clearly see, we have a purple flower.  Not to be mistaken for a purple…other flower…


365 Tattoos D93

Good Friday, people.  Go and do something self-sacrificing for once in your lives.



365 Tattoos D94



hahahaha!  I love light-hearted death jokes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Non Sequitur, I don’t own Gocomics, and I don’t own iGoogle.  I do not have rights of any sort to any of the mentioned above and probably never will.  End of story.  However, I do have the right to share funny things with my fellow man.


Got a favorite death comic strip or joke?  Send me a line and I’ll put it up here where we all can laugh and snort.  You will receive a mention for sending me stuff.