Vice President Biden’s F-bomb, dropped Tuesday during the signing of the health care reform bill, was Washington’s version of a “wardrobe malfunction” — but so far, the FCC doesn’t appear to be investigating.


It’s not just that he dropped the f-bomb on national television, it’s that the same people who jump all over anyone else who swears on public TV aren’t even reacting.  As if saying this culturally offensive expletive wasn’t bad enough – he’s not even getting a t’sk from any public party!

But this…this was inappropriate.  The President should not be condoning swearing on national television, V.P. or no.

Biden, talking to a fundraising crowd Wednesday, said Obama told him afterward at a presidential briefing: “You know what the best thing about yesterday was? Joe’s comment.”

Unprofessional, people! Un.pro.fesh.on.al.

 News tip: No Cussing Club