Nothing gets one off track quite like a sudden flurry of course activities!

365 Tattoos D81-84 Two fish, a upside-down cross and I think it’s supposed to be a collection of weeds…or…whatever…


Today it is in the 70’s.  Glorious, right?  Wrong.  Tomorrow, it cuts back by 15 degrees!  Mother nature is a fickle — (you know the rest).  I pout.

Quick!  Everyone rush outside while the new weather lasts!  Romp and run!


Oh, can anyone make a connection between the failure of post imperial empires and today’s lack of a sturdy academic canon?  Because I’ve read the chapter every which way and I’m totally stumped.  How does the failure of a pathetic loser to run a band of rabbles have anything to do with today’s lack of intellectual curiosity?