If you are anything like me, and I pray to God that you are not – because I like being the only version of myself – you have no memory for anything that the world expects you to remember.  In fact, most of the time, if you didn’t wear a nametag or have a shirt with your name on it, you would forget you who are.

For all of our sakes, as I mentioned before, you are not like me and websites like this are of no use to you other than to pass the time.  But, the website has mind games and the games are what it is all about.  If it weren’t for the games, I would probably not visit this site ever.


I got a 93% speed on the Speed Match game.  I dare anyone to beat that score.  If you do, I will bow before you on this blog.

(Lost in Migration: 98%  for anyone who cares)