The book corner returns with a work from Lewis Carroll!  I am on Spring Break, so I have the time to actually read.

alice 001

First off, the only reason I read the book was because I went and saw the Alice in Wonderland movie last week and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but had to know how much was actually from the book (for all those who read this blog regularly – you would know this from my “Alice” trailer post).

I read the book in about two-three hours.  Using the light of my computer monitor and allowing my rear-end to fall asleep in my desk chair, I could not put it down.  Not because of the plot, but because of the lack of one.  Seriously, there is no plot whatsoever.  Maybe that’s what makes it so great as a story, although it would not have been as effective had the characters and situations been at all plausible.  Alice’s rather nonchalant attitude to all the things around her, as if they were everyday occurrences, was perhaps the most endearing part of the story.  Anyone who remembers creating entire worlds as children in which to play, Alice’s casual acceptance of Wonderland makes perfect sense – making everything else make perfect sense as well.

The poems and wordplay is AMAZING!!!  I love wordplay and love studying it when others do it.  Therefore, if there could be no other reason to love this book, I would have still loved it.  Carroll knew how to use the English language, which made it, in of itself, fun.  Enjoying other writers like Shakespeare and Dickens, Carroll ranks pretty high on my list simply because he knows books are made to explore words, not simply use them.

For such a short read, and one you won’t walk away from without at least one quote you will use within twenty-four hours, it is worth the time and effort.

I thank you.