With it being Spring Break and not really having much on my plate (or should I say, ignoring all that stuff on my proverbial plate) I have been exploring WordPress, and am thoroughly enjoying myself in finding stuff I like, and coming across some stuff I think is just lame.  So far, I’ve been able to find a few things that look like they will be of some interest, and have “blogrolled” them (whatever that’s supposed to mean).  But the search must go on!

I am interested in too many things to find it all in one day, yet I am undaunted!

On a side note, I am looking into self copywriting ideas so I can start posting a few of my “troubled musings” on this blasted site.  Let’s make this whimsical website worth its free price tag!

On another side note, I am well aware that I owe the site today’s tattoo.  I’ll get around to it sooner or later.