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365 Tattoos

Spot what’s new!

Feb 27-28


365 Tattoos

My sister picked this one out for ya’all to enjoy.  Say thank you, people.

Feb 26

So many butterflies.  True story!

365 Tattoos

Would you look at this?  A tattoo post actually ON the day I apply the tattoo.  I’m pretty sure I feel a cold chill from somewhere far, far below the Earth’s core.

Feb 25

Without scrolling down to yesterday,  can you see what is new?

Feb 23-24

I’m going for a kinda bluish-green look on this arm.  Let’s see how much of this color we can get on before it all starts to come off!

365 Tattoos

Feb 19-22

Annnnd we are caught up

Feb 18

A little early for Friday, but it’s the thought that counts

Feb 17

My backside!

365 Tattoos

Feb 16

Oh look, another bird!

Feb 15

Ta-da!  It’s a…thing of some sorts!

365 Tattoos

Happy Valentine’s day to all you single ladies.

Feb 14

Back of the left ankle.  Not a good place for a tattoo simply because it’s hard to place.