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365 Tattoos

Jan 31

In honor of campus being closed tomorrow because of inclement weather.  Whatever that means.


365 Tattoos

Jan 30

It looks a lot cooler than this picture would make you think. There is just no way to get a good angle of the crook of one’s arm.

365 Tattoos

Jan 29

I loooong for Summer where I can wear more revealing clothes and have more skin space!

365 Tattoos

Jan 28

I know that tattoos on the hands don’t last more than three hours, but it’s just so much fun!

Jan 25, 26, 27

School gets in the way of everything all the time! Here are the tattoos for my school days

Jan 24

I am missing day 23 – it’s on a camera I can’t get ahold of right now – but at least I have the rest of the days.

Jan 22

I bring back the only reason you visit my site! my tattoos.

365 pause(!_!)

I didn’t forget! I am getting the last few days organized to post. They will all be up by tonight.

365 Tattoos

Jan 21

My tribute.

365 Tattoos

Look at me, posting early again!

Jan 20

A subtle little…thing…of some sorts…